12 dinner party theme ideas for 2024.

Whether you’ve got an occasion coming up or you just love to host, we’ve got the perfect dinner party themes and ideas to inspire your evening. Join us at the table and get ready to tuck in.

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Hosting at home for special occasions (or making an occasion, just because) is always a winner. There’s nothing better than inviting your friends round to enjoy good food in good company.

Our appetite for dinner parties is growing, with more and more people choosing to host at home rather than dining out. Christmas dinner has always been a staple soirée, but what about summer dinner party ideas to make the most out of your garden? You don’t need an excuse to host your own dinner party – just a cute menu idea that’ll excite guests and fill bellies.

Get ready to make more than a menu – bring out the candelabra or arrange the garden bench – it’s time to host a dinner party and all your friends are invited. Curate your culinary occasion with a spread of dinner party ideas from Adobe Express.

1. Breakfast for dinner party.

Got a love for breakfast and brunch? Enjoy the most important meal of the day, all day – just don’t call it brinner. This is the perfect dinner party idea for those night owls to enjoy the best of breakfast at a more reasonable time.

Elevate your theme by hosting a candle-lit dining experience complete with a cosy dress code – did someone say PJ party? From pancakes and cereal to Turkish eggs and breakfast casseroles – this theme is as flexible as it is fun. So, what’s on the menu?

2. Fun and flavourful pizza party.

Take a slice out of a classic dinner party idea with a pizza-themed get-together – but with a little bit extra (and we don’t just mean the cheese.) Turn dinner into a crafty occasion by creating (and spinning) your dough-lectable designs. Complete a traditional Italian-inspired table spread and bring an authentic touch to your pizza party.

Send invites to your friends that fit the theme – authentic, cosy, craft or fun – to really mark it as an occasion worth celebrating. Here’s some inspiration to help you get started:

3. Bring your own board (BYOB) dinner party.

Can’t decide on a theme? Try all of them with this catch-all charcuterie dinner party idea. Each person curates a board based on a cuisine or country to bring to the party. Think Italian and British classics or artisanal meats and cheeses. You could go a step further with dress inspired by the country and a little presentation about the food you’re bringing.

4. Italian-inspired summer dinner party.

Set your summer dinner party against sun-touched Sorrento – or as close as you can get to it at home. Think Mediterranean-inspired menus, sparkling cocktails and a tablescape with splashes of sunset hues.

This summer dinner party idea is sure to delight. After all, what’s better than Italian cuisine with friends on a bright and warm night? It may not be the Italian Riviera – but you can make it a close second.

5. Murder mystery dinner party.

Looking for some dinner party ideas with more theatrics? Why not take a stab at hosting a murder mystery? Choose a theme and curate the perfect set piece for your dastardly dinner drama.

From old English manners to the sophisticated elite along the Seine – immerse yourself in your murder mystery by crafting (and cooking) the perfect setting to fit the theme. Send mysterious invites out in the post and enjoy a dinner party idea to die for.

Take a look at these templates below for inspiration:

6. Alice in Wonderland.

Venture down the rabbit hole with dinner party ideas straight from Wonderland. Relive iconic moments from Caroll’s iconic fantasy-fiction classic as you gather with friends for your very own Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.

Flex your creativity for both setting and cuisine. Adorn the table with the iconic ‘Drink Me’ potions and ‘Eat Me’ cakes and don’t forget the comfits. From pies to tarts, tea to treacle – you’ve got a smorgasbord of options.

Get curiouser and curiouser with fancy dress and scene-based tables and menus to really explore Wonderland.

7. Summer-Shire garden party.

You only need to spend a minute in the Shire to understand that Hobbits share a love for the world around them – and more importantly – good food. Say yes to a different kind of adventure with an evening spent Hobbit-style.

Put on your best Hobbit-finery with a fancy dress theme but remember: no shoes. For dinner party menu ideas, think meat and potatoes, teas and ales, pickled things and berries – and whatever you do, don’t forget the cheese.

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8. Historic figures and moments.

Feeling stuck planning a future get-together? This is one occasion where you can dwell on the past. When you look at history, there’s no limit to the number of dinner party ideas to discover.

Host a show-and-tell and fancy dress with each person coming as a historic figure with an associated dish. Or set the stage for a period-appropriate spread to celebrate or commemorate an event.

9. Movie icons.

Relive your favourite movies and dress to impress with this film-and-TV-inspired party theme. Think fancy dress meets bring your own board with fits and food taken from your favourite movies. Send out nominee-style invites and let each guest bring a meal inspired by their favourite film.

You won’t run out of dinner party ideas any time soon. Think Vincent from Pulp Fiction with a five-dollar shake and royale with cheese. Bacon and eggs as a character from Howl’s Moving Castle. Or some steak done dinner-in-prison style à la Goodfellas.

10. Boho dinner party.

Go boho for a charismatically bohemian garden get-together with this easy dinner party idea. To get the vibe just right, think rattan and fairy lights, leather and wood, and plenty of funky textures and accents.

Go for that rustic feel and choose an equally eclectic spread of dishes to serve. Don’t focus on perfection – keep things casual and think of the menu as a fusion of all those things you like.

11. Casino Royale.

Put on your best and dress to the nines for an evening of entertainment, excitement and entrees inspired by a night in Vegas. Go all-in on decorations and games with casino classics like roulette or blackjack. Create balloon arches and roll out the red carpet for your guests.

For dinner, think traditional with steak, shrimp, and a signature cocktail to elevate the evening. Give each guest a set of chips with their menu that they can exchange for prizes throughout the night and see who walks home a winner.

12. Garden picnic under the stars.

For an easy dinner party idea, keep the theme simple yet effective. Stargazing meets alfresco dining for an immaculate evening beneath the sky. Set the scene with wicker baskets, blankets and pillows. Then arrange picnic-style portions of food and let your guests get stuck in.

From baguettes and cheese to macarons and scones – you’ll be stuck for choice. Bring out the wine and recline as you watch sundown together with friends. Then turn on the fairy lights and lamps for a cosy evening under the stars.

Useful things to know.

What’s the best theme for a dinner party?
The best theme for a dinner party is one that brings you and your guests joy. The more enthusiastic you are about it the better it will be. Think about common interests and tastes in food and themes to choose the best one for you (and the people you invite).
How do I choose a dinner party menu?
Some of the best dinner party menu ideas come from a theme or occasion that informs the menu. If you’re unsure, just think about what you would enjoy eating or what themes you’d enjoy. If you’re really stuck, open up a poll to invitees or draw it from a hat yourself.
How do you make a unique dinner party?
Tacking on a quirky theme alone won’t make a unique dining experience. If you want a truly memorable dinner party, you should try to create a great atmosphere. Dinner party ideas that focus on the vibe as well as the food are essential. Think about all those little additions – decorations, invites and even themed menus create a lasting impression that let your guests really immerse themselves.