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This article covers flags and banners, and how you can make one for yourself.

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Flags and banners are widely used across the UK. You can see them at trade events, in back gardens or flying from town halls all over the country. You most likely recognise the regional flags for England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. But you can also see more custom designs in the wild – if you know where to look.

Some of the biggest music festivals in the UK host an unofficial showdown of who gets the funniest flag on TV for the headliners. So, why not join them?

Whether you’re promoting an event, supporting a cause or just having fun, it’s easy to design personalised flags and banners with Adobe Express. And it’s free too. So, get inspired with our flag banner ideas and tips below.

Iconic flags and banners in the UK.

The UK is brimming with its fair share of flags and banners – and has done throughout history. In fact, it is said that one of the oldest national flags was the 5th century red dragon, which you can still see on the Welsh flag today.

In other areas of the UK, the English red cross has been in use since as long ago as 1189, while Scotland’s flag dates back to 1542 with Sir David Lyndsay of the Mount’s Register of Scottish Arms.

During the 1600s, another flag was born – the Union flag, or Union Jack. This iconic flag combines the Scottish and English flags to create the classic red, white and blue layered cross design.

Today, the use of flags is more diverse, with more and more unique designs appearing across the country, and beyond. Here are some of the most recognisable examples:

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How to come up with a flag banner design.

Creating your own flag banner but don’t know where to start? Let’s run through some things to keep in mind:

Personalised flag banner templates and ideas.

With personalised flags and banners you can add your own touch to a special occasion and wave the flag for your own cause. Take a look at some of our flag banner ideas to inspire your creations.

Charity events.

Raising money for a good cause? Personalised flags and banners for a fundraiser, whether a one-off event or a street campaign, can help to identify your charity or cause. Getting people over to your stall can encourage them to donate.

Sports team flags.

Create your own flag banner to represent your local sports club. Whether it’s a football team or rugby club, make a flag banner you can bring to each match or create mini flags for all the supporters to wave during a big play.

Festival flags.

Planning a trip to a music festival this summer? Stand out in the crowds with a flag banner dedicated to your favourite act, a special cause or something funny that will catch the attention of any TV crews. It’s the perfect place to express yourself in a likeminded environment.

Pop-up market stall.

Whether you’re hosting a pop-up stall at your local market or a major festival, a personalised flag banner can help to draw the shoppers your way. You can use your brand logo to inform the design – or adapt your brand colour scheme to create a flag pattern.

Add arrows and bold text to get your message across and make it clear that the goods are this way.

Trade/job fairs.

Job fairs can be a great way to seek new employees, especially graduates. If you’re looking for fresh talent, why not create your own flags and banners? Add your company logo and some clear messaging to help attract the right candidates to your stand.

Sales events.

Sales events are a chance to promote your business to prospective clients. There’s plenty of competition out there, with many other businesses going after the same clients as you. Stand out and gain the competitive edge with a contemporary, head-turning design and compelling messaging.

Specialist schools and courses.

If you run your own dance or martial arts school, for example, flag banners can help you to promote your service and attract new students in nearby areas. When you next have a class on, set up your flag directly outside to capture the attention of passersby.

Using Adobe Express to create your own flag banner.

With Adobe Express you can quickly and easily design your own personalised flags and banners – all for free. Modify your own banner flag with free images and funky fonts. Or choose to upload your own imagery – whatever suits you best. Need inspiration? You can even pick a free template to help you get started. Templates are fully editable – tweak to your chosen size and dimension.

Browse the professionally designed banners and flags to fuel your creativity. Add imagery and typography to create an eye-catching design that reflects your brand. With customised imagery, fonts and text, getting creative is easy.

Once you’re done, you can download your design immediately. But don’t worry, you can always come back and tweak it later.

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Good to know.

Can you have a personal flag?

Yes, you can have a personal flag to show off your personal brand. You don’t need to be a professional graphic designer or a creative wizard to make one, either. Adobe Express makes it easier for non-designers to create a personalised flag banner, by giving them enough creative control to make it their own, easily.

Can I fly a flag on my house in the UK?

Yes, you can fly a flag on your house in the UK, as long as you adhere to certain regulations regarding size, location and flag content. For more info check the UK government website.

Can you make a picture into a flag?

Yes, you can make a picture into a flag for any event or occasion. Just upload your image or images of choice onto one of our banner templates to get started.

Is Adobe Express free?

Yes. The basic version of Adobe Express is free to use and includes everything you need to do creative work. Adobe Express offers numerous design templates, images, videos and royalty free photos, as well as quick actions for processing images and more. So, you can create the perfect event banner in just a few simple steps.