What is futurism and how to use it in your design project


Starting in Italy in 1909, futurism art was a movement that rejected the traditional techniques and approaches of the industry and looked toward brighter horizons. Embracing technology, development and innovation, futurism has always walked hand in hand with modernisation.

You’ll likely want to learn more about the characteristics of futurism and how they can help take your design ideas to the next level. Using Adobe Express’ free templates, you’ll be able to apply your new knowledge of futurism art and impress your audiences with your sleek, innovative projects.

Key characteristics of futurism.

Futurism is centred on development and forward-thinking solutions. Regardless of the era in which futurism art is created, there is always a drive to upgrade human existence. Futurism art highlights that ambitious mission. While today, technology like Adobe Express’ Firefly generative AI is on the cutting edge of changes in design, there are some key characteristics in futurism art that have always promoted that sense of development.

Within futurism art, you’ll be able to find a focus on movement and energy. Transportation is of particular interest, but simple techniques such as fuzzy lines and repetition can create the idea of movement. Technology is another major factor in futurism art, with creators highlighting inventions and discoveries within the scientific and technological landscape. There’s also a love for artificial and neon lighting in futurism art. Manmade artefacts are far more important than naturally occurring phenomena.

Ultimately, futurism encourages the notion of change, exploring the dynamic machine age and the progress that takes place every day. Adobe Express gives you the creative tools to embrace graphic design trends, industry breakthroughs and new visual techniques, echoing the sentiments of futurism art in every sense.

Take a look at these templates for your futurism designs.

Editable design templates for your futuristic design project.

Add momentum to your flyers

Your flyer is trying to grab your audience’s attention, so why not catch their eye with a sense of momentum. Futurism art is obsessed with motion and uses static lines to create the illusion that something is moving. Using Adobe Express, your flyer text can zoom across the page with this simple but effective futurism technique.

Place a cityscape in your posters

Futurism art can look fantastic in your posters to provide a sense of scale. By incorporating cityscapes and contemporary architecture into the backgrounds of your posters, you can grasp on to a modern style that feels both current and trendy. Try adding skyscrapers and art deco structures to add natural depth to your futurism designs.

Let your Instagram post shine with artificial lighting

Instagram posts need to jump off the digital page and futurism art puts the emphasis on lighting to compliment a design. Be brave and include artificial sources of light in your project. You can highlight your images with raw light bulbs and neon lamps to create an edgy, alternative look.

Discover futuristic design templates.

Useful things to know.

Who are key futurism artists?

Gino Severini, Giacomo Balla and Umberto Boccioni are just a couple of notable names that could inspire your next futurism art project. Their work is both fundamental and groundbreaking.

Can I combine futurism with other art styles?

Futurism works well with certain art styles, provided its key characteristics are not lost. An abstract take on technology for example can be just as effective, but it’s unlikely that futurism art would marry well with more traditional forms.

Is Adobe Express free to use?

Absolutely. You can sign up to a free Adobe Express account today and jump straight into your unique design projects, inspired by futurism art.