10 different types of posters and how to use them in your business



Posters are an excellent visual medium for conveying all types of information. From business events to policy changes, recruitment purposes and product marketing, there are hundreds of different uses for posters. But what makes a great poster work? Is it the colour scheme? The font size? The images? And how can you quickly make an eye-catching poster that captures the attention of your target audience and encourages them to take action?

In this article, we’ll look at some of the things you can do to make your poster work for its purpose. We’ve also picked out 10 types of poster uses for business and will explore how you can use Adobe Express to find hundreds of customisable business poster templates perfect for your use case.

10 types of posters that any businesses can use.

Here are our top 10 business poster use cases:

1. Recruitment

Great for advertising job fairs, open positions, and encouraging employees to participate in recruitment referral schemes.

2. Marketing

The marketing team can use posters for campaigns, partnership opportunities or general marketing announcements.

3. Sales

Promote discounts on products or services and make announcements of special offers and sale days.

4. Workshops and training

Let employees know about upcoming workshops, training sessions, forums, and other development activities and opportunities.

5. Events

From business conferences to Christmas parties, keep everyone informed of important business events.

6. Policy changes

Use posters to inform employees in spaces where they pause to take a break (the office kitchen) on important updates to office policies.

7. Office and workspace notices

Give employees guidance on practical changes, for example parking rules or office security processes.

8. Research

Publish findings from important research to motivate employees or spotlight a team’s success in contributing to the research.

9. Charity

Advertise charity raffles, promote good causes, and encourage your employees to fundraise together.

10. Employee Perks

Use posters to remind employees of employee discounts, special benefits and other perks that they can enjoy throughout the year.

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Advertising poster examples.

All posters do the same thing in essence; they advertise something. In order for your poster to reach its target audience and encourage them to take action, your poster needs to be eye-catching and compelling. Learn more about how to build a great poster, and get inspiration and advertising poster examples.

Adobe Express provides many examples of posters, including business workshop templates, along with the tools to easily edit your favourite poster design and put it to good use in your business.

Take a look at these Business Workshop templates.

Informative poster examples.

If your poster needs to share important information, make sure you use a poster template that’s suitable for your message. To find some great examples of posters, check out Adobe Express’ information poster templates. Each one can be quickly edited to include key details.

Remember, the less text the better. Focus on the key information that employees or customers need in order to take action from the poster. If you’re sharing important data that you need people to understand, use an infographic poster template to showcase your data with easily digestible visuals.

Create Poster Infographics using our range of templates in Adobe Express:

Poster layout ideas for everyday use.

Your poster should have a few core elements so that it does the job of advertising or calling your audience to action. Make sure it has a title that stands out and makes it clear what the poster is about. If your poster is sharing information about dates and times, make those stand out too. Don’t forget to include a location if needed!

Alternatively, if your poster is promoting a discount, then the savings and the sale period need to be the most eye-catching element of your poster. There are many different ways to advertise a business discount, and you can explore lots of different poster layout ideas for promoting your business discounts on Adobe Express.

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Useful things to know.

Can I get free business poster templates from Adobe Express?

Yes! Adobe Express provides templates for business infographics posters, business recruitment posters, and business events posters. Each template is professionally designed and easy to edit via Adobe Express. You can access them for free by using Adobe Express’ free plan.

How do I edit my poster templates on Adobe Express?

It takes a matter of seconds to sign up to Adobe Express to access all the tools you need. You don’t need to be a design expert to change the font and the visuals on your poster template, as all of the tools are easy to use.

Is Adobe Express free to use?

Yes. You can get started with Adobe Express right away once you sign up to the free plan. Get started with Adobe Express now.

Can I find a specific business poster template on Adobe Express?

Yes! Use the search bar on the Templates page or browse by category to find exactly what you’re looking for. Adobe Express will show you the most relevant poster templates for your needs. Click here to search for free templates on Adobe Express.