How to apply for your dream job with tech.



Applying for a new job can be a stressful and time-consuming task, with no real guarantee that your application will be noticed.

However, with new creative formats becoming increasingly important when trying to get your dream role, we’ve researched how to use them as well as the advantages of each. We’ve also worked with an HR expert to give us the lowdown on applying with new tech.

CVs and cover letters are generally the foundation of job applications, but now people are turning to AI, video, and social media to showcase their experience and personalities.

In fact, searches for ‘AI CV’ and ‘video application for jobs’ have increased by 310% and 125% respectively over the last year alone, plus there are now over 300,000 pieces of #CV and #jobapplication content on TikTok.

So, let’s get down to it, what are the positives and negatives of each, and how can you make the most of them? We teamed up with Funke Sadare, HR Director at Global University Systems to find out more.

1. AI

We found that 42% of workers are now using AI tools to help create their CVs. The recent surge in AI technology has shifted productivity in an office environment, and its ability to turn around analysis, examples and creativity can be used to produce a CV that matches both your personal and job spec criteria.

Funke explains “AI swiftly generates CVs, emphasising the candidate’s key skills and areas of expertise based on the information provided. It also ensures uniform formatting for aesthetic appeal and can tailor CVs with relevant keywords to increase the candidate’s chances of passing the initial screenings.”

Once a template CV is created, it’s important to tweak personal information to appear authentic, as the human element of the application will make you different from other applicants.

2. Video Applications

Did you know that 68% of Gen Zs are now turning to social media to apply for a job and that 79% of employers think that video is an essential part of the recruitment process?

The growing trend of video applications allows recruiters to change the candidate experience from traditional methods, whilst saving time and getting a better idea of someone’s persona.

Funke recommends, “when creating a video job application, candidates should adopt these effective strategies to present themselves more confidently and make a lasting impression with their potential employer:

1. Introduction: Start with a warm greeting, a genuine smile, state your name, and mention the position you’re applying for.

2. Professional Appearance: Dress appropriately as if you were attending an in-person interview, preferably aligning with the company’s culture.

3. Elevator Pitch: Concisely summarise your skills, qualifications, areas of expertise, recent achievements and why you’re the right fit for the role.

4. Personality: Ensure that your personality is showcased during the video application, reflect authenticity and enthusiasm.

5. Make it Brief: Keep your video application under two minutes if possible and make every second count.”

3. TikTok

There are currently almost 300,000 pieces of #CV and #jobapplication content on TikTok, which is increasingly becoming a platform amongst Gen Zs to showcase their expertise and experience.

Funke explains, “TikTok allows applicants to showcase their personality, creativity, and communication skills in a short and impactful format. Those who actively use TikTok, may find this approach engaging and relevant. Nonetheless, maintaining authenticity and professionalism remains crucial even in this creative context.

While video applications and social media platforms like TikTok offer unique opportunities for candidates to showcase their personality and skills, they may not effectively convey the candidate’s qualifications, experiences, and achievements. Furthermore, whilst the idea of reviewing a video application is forward-thinking and can be effective, it can also be time consuming for employers when there are several to go through unlike CVs and cover letters which requires less screening time, so it’s equally as important to use both.”

Are there any other futuristic movements in recruitment?

Funke explains; “the recruitment world is witnessing several futuristic movements that are transforming and enhancing traditional recruitment methods. These include the adoption of artificial intelligence and machine learning for automated screening and predictive analytics for data-driven decision-making which has been in existence for a while.

Additionally, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are revolutionising candidate assessments and company presentations, while gamification is enhancing engagement and skill evaluation. Remote hiring and virtual recruitment events have also increased in popularity, enabled by the rise of remote working. Moreover, DE&I initiatives continue to gain prominence, driving efforts to attract and hire talent from diverse backgrounds. These trends collectively reflect a shift towards more efficient, inclusive, and tech-driven recruitment processes.”

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