What to write in a retirement card



Sending off a retiree with heartfelt wishes and sentiments is a cherished tradition, and the words we choose for a retirement card can truly make a lasting impact. Crafting the perfect message to convey appreciation, admiration, and well-wishes requires thoughtfulness and creativity. Let’s delve into the art of composing meaningful messages for retirement cards. Whether you're aiming for warmth, humour, or inspiration, we’ll look at how your retirement card design can help you celebrate this milestone. Additionally, we'll explore how you can find the perfect retirement card template using Adobe Express. Effortlessly elevate your retirement card with Adobe’s user-friendly design tools and add a personalised touch to complement your heartfelt message.

How to choose the best kind of retirement card.

Retirement is a major milestone – after investing so much time at work, folks finally get to unwind and embrace life. Giving them a farewell card is a sweet way to show your support and best wishes. However, it's essential to choose a card that suits their style. Do they appreciate slapstick comedy, or do they have a drier sense of humour? Opt for a card that resonates with their personality and add your creative retirement messages!

Do you want to make it personal? You can make your own card on Adobe Express with their name and how many years they worked. Just make sure you leave some space for people to sign it. If there are a lot of people, you might need more than one card! And one more thing, be sensitive to the reason for their retirement; some people might want to keep it private, especially if it’s connected to illness or a change of personnel at work.

What to write in a retirement card: funny vs heartfelt quotes.

It can be hard to know what to write in a retirement card. From a funny to a heartfelt quote, or something more personal, there are hundreds of retirement card ideas out there. Here are our top suggestions for retirement card quotes:



Take a look at these funny retirement card templates.

What to write in a work colleague's retirement card.

Take note of the card, the person if you know them, and look at what others have written to understand the tone of the card. It’s important that when deciding what to say in a retirement card you don’t say anything that could upset anyone or cause any controversy; keep it polite, professional, and warm.

If you know them personally and have worked with them closely, consider mentioning either an anecdote or thank them for working with you on a particular project. If it’s someone you don’t know, simply offer well wishes.

Find a heartfelt card template.

Unique retirement gifts.

There are traditional retirement gifts, such as a watch or a fountain pen. However, why not try something different and purchase a more unusual retirement gift? Make sure to match the gift to the retiree though. Here are some unique retirement gifts that might suit the retiree:

Remember, if you’re still struggling to work out what to write in a retirement card, funny and friendly messages are probably the best course of action. Just keep the humour light-hearted!

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Useful things to know.

What is a nice phrase for retirement?

A simple and nice phrase for retirement is “Wishing you a happy retirement!’’.

Is it appropriate to say congratulations on retirement?

In most cases, yes, it is appropriate to say congratulations. However, if the retirement is forced i.e. illness, congratulations may be not the right way to approach it. If in doubt, you can opt for a more neutral and supportive message, such as expressing best wishes for the future or acknowledging their years of dedication and hard work.

Can you create retirement cards on Adobe Express?

Yes, you can pick from hundreds of designs for your retirement card.