Add a literary twist to your home with these William Shakespeare poster ideas.

From classic quotes to colour schemes and fonts, find out how to make your own Shakespeare posters with Adobe Express.

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William Shakespeare has been a literary icon for more than 400 years. His works are famously recognised around the world, from his recitable collections of Sonnets to theatrical classics like Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth.

To this day, you can find famous quotes from William Shakespeare on posters and cards, in books and films, and in many other forms of media. So, it’s only right that you have the tools to make your own.

Whether you’re an English Literature student, or just a big fan of the Bard, you can’t go wrong with a William Shakespeare poster on your wall. It could even make the perfect gift to conjure a bit of whimsy and wisdom.

Take a look at William Shakespeare poster ideas on Adobe Express for some creative inspiration.

William Shakespeare: A literary icon.

William Shakespeare was a poet and playwright whose works continue to inspire and entertain patrons, poets, and writers to this day. From the late 1500s to the early 1600s, he wrote around 38 plays, 154 sonnets, two narrative poems and some other works in between.

Many of his works are still studied and endlessly quoted today, even in casual conversation. In fact, Shakespeare is attributed to the first recorded use of more than 1,700 words – many of which are still in use. That’s right, you might already be quoting Shakespeare without realising.

When it comes to making the perfect William Shakespeare poster, you’ll be glad to hear that there’s something for every theme and aesthetic. Whether you like a dark and brooding tragedy, like Hamlet, or a touch of romance in the form of Sonnet 18, there’s a work of Shakespeare for every occasion.

9 Shakespeare-inspired poster ideas.

Looking to make your own posters of Shakespeare, complete with quotes, facts and images? Take a look at these handy templates for creative inspiration. The question is – are they to be, or not to be?

24 quotes to include on your Shakespeare prints and posters.

Quotes are a great place to start when making a William Shakespeare-inspired poster. Take a look at the selection below to see which ones might work best for different rooms in your home, or as a gift for a Shakespeare-loving friend.

Shakespeare quotes for kitchen prints.

William Shakespeare quotes for living room posters.

Shakespeare quotes for prints in the hallway.

Shakespeare quotes for bedroom prints and posters.

Shakespeare poster quotes for someone you love.

Other famous Shakespeare quotes.

Tips to make your own William Shakespeare poster.

1. Weave in iconic visuals from the plays themselves.

Celebrate the Bard’s catalogue of works by adding an ode to a play or two on your Shakespeare poster or print. Adorn the page with fairies or fae-inspired iconography to allude to A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Or, add a tragic reminder with the dagger and poison from Romeo and Juliet. Too obvious? Think of simpler themes that you can express with shapes or icons that represent the plays.

2. Try to use handwritten fonts for a literary feel.

William Shakespeare was a playwright, and your poster can utilise his way with words with unique, calligraphy-style fonts or handwritten fonts like Regina.

You could even try a font that speaks to the vibe of the original plays. For example, fantastical and fae-style fonts – such as Fairy Tale JF – for The Tempest, or something more Gothic for MacBeth.

3. Use different types of media.

Just because you’re making a poster doesn’t mean you should limit yourself to blank backgrounds or block colours. Go outside and take pictures of scenery or architecture to use as a backdrop to your Shakespeare poster.

4. Try to use a mood board for colours and details.

Piece together inspiration for your Shakespeare poster from a mood board. Collect colour-pairings, images, music, and other works of art to inform and inspire your work. This can help better imagine the final product and work towards an aesthetic you have in mind.

5. Just have fun.

This is a chance to express yourself and get a bit creative – it doesn’t need to inform an audience or achieve a business goal. It’s an expression of your creativity and interests. So experiment, try things out and focus on enjoying the process of making your Shakespeare-inspired poster.

Useful things to know.

Where should I put my William Shakespeare wall art?

Put it wherever you want – there are so many options. From small posters stuck on the fridge door to framed pieces hanging in the living room, there’s no wrong answer. Think about the room or atmosphere of a space – “My library is dukedom large enough” could be fantastic in a little reading cubby or on your bookshelf.

What is Shakespeare’s most famous line?

Shakespeare has a catalogue of famous lines that are used to this day, but none is more popular than the line from Hamlet: “To be or not to be, that is the question.” Though that’s far from the only quote, and many more can be found in everyday phrases. Recognise “go, vanish into air…”? It doesn’t end there, either. Many modern words such as ‘gossip’, ‘obscene’ and ‘critic’ are attributed to Shakespeare.