10 Incredible World Book Day activity ideas for your students.



Embarking on a literary adventure can ignite a lifelong love for reading among students. World Book Day celebrates the magic of storytelling, and to make it extraordinary, here are ten incredible activity ideas to transport students into captivating worlds, foster creativity, and nurture a new appreciation for the written word. Bring your World Book Day activity ideas to life with Adobe Express. Use Adobe Express’ interactive and visually captivating elements to enrich the learning experience and make the celebration of books even more engaging. Dive into this guide for a realm of educational and entertaining activities that breathe life into the wonder of books in your classroom.

What makes a great World Book Day activity?

World Book Day has come a long way since its first conception in 1995. Today, it’s a worldwide day of book and reading appreciation. World Book Day is celebrated in over 100 countries, and as such many activities have been inspired by the day, such as book fairs to celebrate famous authors and their work. If you are planning on hosting a mini book fair for your class or the whole school, don’t forget to create posters to get them excited.

A great World Book Day activity supports the day’s aim to get children all across the world reading for fun and finding their favourite book. Reading is a strong indicator for future life success, making it all the more important. In the UK, World Book Day happens on the first Thursday of March each year. In the rest of the world, it’s the 23rd of April.

Take a look at these book activity templates.

10 fantastic World Book Day activity ideas to delight young bookworms.

Whether you have a classroom full of bookworms or reluctant readers, there is a wide range of World Book Day activities they can get involved in. Below are some of our top suggestions to delight and engage them all day long!

  1. Get the kids to design a book cover for their favourite story or one of their own!
  2. Have them swap their favourite books with one another.
  3. Star power! Recreate famous scenes from popular books in your classroom.
  4. Follow along with a drawing video from a book illustrator.
  5. Design and print the children’s favourite book quotes as posters with Adobe Express.
  6. Have them draw their favourite book characters and become artists themselves.
  7. Write a book review (create your template and guide on Adobe Express).
  8. Delight budding writers by challenging your students to rewrite the ending of a book.
  9. Be arty and design a bookmark.
  10. Play ‘World Book Day Bingo’ with famous books, authors, and characters! Create a Bingo sheet with Adobe Express!

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How to make a World Book Day certificate to round off the day

What better way to finish the day off than with an awards ceremony? Why not create your own World Book Day certificate on Adobe Express for all students in the class? Design, print and sign it personally for a special touch.

To make it more challenging to receive this special certificate, why not make sure all students must complete a certain number of activities to get their certificate? Then throughout the day, they can tick off their activities list as they complete them. You can create different challenges to engage all students, whether they’re avid bookworms or not. Engaging them in these competitions can help them connect with their classmates and with the stories they are learning about too. Awards for reading skills, memory skills, funniest impersonation of a character, or best drawing of a book cover might all be on your list!

The kids won’t have enough hands for all their awards!

More activity ideas and inspiration this way.

Ready to have the best world book day?

Useful things to know.

What do kids do on World Book Day?

There are many activities kids can take part in on World Book Day. The most popular activity is to dress up as your favourite book character. However, many students also engage in reading themed games and read-a-thons throughout the day.

What is a book lover called?

People who love books and reading are called bibliophiles. They can often be found with their heads in a book and love talking about their favourite characters.

What can my child be for World Book Day?

Absolutely any book character, so whether it’s someone from the world-famous Harry Potter books, the Peter Rabbit series, or Roald Dahl’s world of mischief, whoever your child loves are the perfect choice.

Can Adobe Express be used to create World Book Day posters?

Yes, Adobe Express is ideal for creating World Book Day posters. You can create quote posters to hang up, re-create book covers, make a Happy World Book Day banner and so much more.