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Mix 2D and 3D seamlessly.

Animate 3D objects right alongside 2D graphics in a true 3D workspace with tools designed specifically for 3D.

Find what you need, fast.

Access your go-to animation settings in one convenient place with the context-sensitive Properties panel.

Extract objects with AI.

Easily select and separate any object from the background, even wind-swept hair and transparent elements, with the AI-powered Roto Brush.

Speed up projects with presets.

Design social videos and more, fast. Choose from hundreds of high-quality presets and then customise them to fit your unique vision.

Get advanced colour support.

Work natively in any colour space and simplify your Academy Colour Encoding System (ACES) workflow with OpenColorlO (OCIO) integration.

Create Motion Graphics templates.

Design and share customisable Motion Graphics templates like animated titles and lower thirds for instant use in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Design dynamic titles and text.

Create animated titles, lower thirds or any other kind of text from scratch or start with a customisable preset.

Animate with precison.

Get precise control over your animations with powerful keyframe tools. Change an object’s position, scale, opacity and more over time.

Make your logo move.

Add motion and transitions to icons, graphics and logos or composite and animate new shapes. Choose from hundreds of presets and filters to get just the right look.

Achieve natural-looking motion.

Bring characters or shapes to life and simulate realistic movement with the Puppet tool, Graph Editor, Wiggle Expression and Motion Blur.

Apply animations to new layers.

Avoid repeat work with parent layers, which apply their animation properties to any linked layers.

Automate different actions.

Use expressions to streamline repetitive tasks, enable animations to respond to specific variables or connect animations to external data sources for data-driven visualisations.

Mix 2D and 3D seamlessly.

Animate 3D objects right alongside 2D graphics in a true 3D workspace with tools designed specifically for 3D.

Import 3D models directly.

Bring 3D models from Cinema 4D or Adobe Substance 3D into After Effects — no pre-rendering required.

Get a 3D look with 2D tools.

Make text or shapes pop with extrusion and beveling to add dimension to your animated 2D designs.

Change perspectives with cameras.

Animate your 3D models using camera layers, which let you move through and around a 3D scene as if you were filming it.

Add realistic light and shadows.

Use any image as a light source with Image Based Lighting to create a natural-looking environment for your 3D animations.

Speed up high-quality exports.

Produce high-quality, photorealistic 3D motion graphics faster than ever with the GPU-accelerated Advanced 3D Renderer.

Combine clips with compositing.

Bring different clips into a single scene to create totally new worlds. Add giant flamingos, a speeding train or anything else you can imagine.

Track elements as they move.

Follow the movement of any object in your clip. Replace the screens on mobile phones, attach text to a moving subject or surround a marching band with musical notes.

Swap the background.

Place a character in a totally new environment. With powerful keying tools, you can replace backgrounds, apply visual effects or add new elements to your scene.

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Change the atmosphere.

Make it rain, add some snow or finesse the lighting of a scene with simple presets you can adjust to create realistic effects.

Show off your true colours.

Correct colours with tools for brightness, contrast and white balance and then get creative with colour grading tools like colour balance and LUTs.

Remove what you don’t want.

Erase anything from an accidental boom mic to people in the background. Content-Aware Fill will fill in the gaps in every video frame so you’re left with clean, polished footage.