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Turn text prompts into images.

Text to Image lets you create images with simple text prompts right inside InDesign using Adobe Firefly models that are designed to be commercially safe.

Access your files any time, anywhere.

With cloud documents, you can share, save and manage all your files on any surface where InDesign is installed. Autosave keeps content up to date with access to older versions just in case.

Use improved text shaping.

HarfBuzz is now the default text-shaping engine of the World-Ready Paragraph composer in {{indesign}}, producing more accurate text positioning and characters for Indic, Middle Eastern and North African languages.

Stylise copy automatically.

Effortlessly transform text into a polished document. Just select the text, choose a preset design that fits your needs and Auto Style will place the appropriate text in headers, subheadings, paragraphs and more.

Publish online with searchable text.

Use Publish Online to create web publications with searchable text so readers can find what they’re looking for. Plus, add Google Analytics to any online document to get valuable reader insights.

Choose what content to export.

Customise what content to exclude in exports and presentation mode without creating a new document. Select spreads to hide and then unhide them whenever you want.

Get started with templates.

Download high-quality templates from {{adobe-stock}} right inside {{indesign}}. Get fully editable layouts for everything from business cards to brochures and customise them as much as you like.

Edit with layout suggestions.

Save time making changes to an existing layout with the Adjust Layout feature, which automatically adapts elements to page size, margin or bleed when the document changes.

Rearrange pages and spreads quickly.

Make edits to a single page or a whole document with parent pages and reorder, duplicate and recombine them in just a few steps with the Pages panel.

Add and edit section numbering.

Add page numbers and chapters to large documents, format and style them to your liking and set them to update automatically as your document changes.

Make perfectly precise layouts.

Use the Measure tool to determine the distance and angle between two points and create proportionate designs every time.

Import and manage design assets.

Copy and paste artwork and text from {{adobe-illustrator}} and {{photoshop}}. Import graphics, PDFs, videos and text files. Plus, save and organise assets in {{creative-cloud}} Libraries to access any time.

Use presets to stylise your layouts.

Apply professionally designed Style Packs to your layouts for instant personality or create and manage your own.

Bend type along a shape or path.

Alter lines of text to create eye-catching designs. Use the Path tool to bend text along a line or any shape or use Text Wrap to wrap copy around any object.

Create with over 20,000 pro fonts.

Find the perfect font for your layout with {{adobe-fonts}}. Easily search, filter and organise fonts right in {{indesign}}. Work with OpenType and Variable fonts and more.

Modify type to fit your designs.

Use kerning and tracking to space out letters precisely and apply Character and Paragraph Styles to your work to quickly format fonts and large amounts of text.

Customise the look of fonts.

With Variable fonts, you can adjust details until a chosen type fits your exact style. Use the Character panel to quickly change the weight, width and slant of a font.

Organise, search and filter fonts.

Favourite your preferred fonts so they’re easy to find and search for fonts by classification, recently added and more in the Font Family drop-down menu in the Character panel.

Share work and get feedback in-app.

Create a shareable link of your work for collaborators where they can provide feedback. Read their comments in-app and push updates to the same link.

Check for errors before printing.

The Preflight panel detects things like missing files or fonts, low-resolution images, overset text and other issues that should be corrected before printing.

Make accessible PDFs.

Optimise documents for screen readers and other assistive devices right in {{indesign}}, using a streamlined process that saves time and effort, with just a few final steps in {{adobe-acrobat}}.

Create hundreds of design variations.

Use the Data Merge panel to combine a data source like a CSV or TXT file with an InDesign document and quickly generate variations of letters, envelopes or mailing labels.

Publish documents online.

Turn an InDesign document into an interactive version with elements like buttons, slideshows, animations and more with the Publish Online feature.

Export content for EPUB readers.

Optimise documents for EPUB readers by exporting files to the reflowable EPUB format, which adjusts content depending on the display device.