Discover what’s possible with Photoshop.

See how these talented artists use their favourite Photoshop tools.

Let the words flow.

See how creative director Aries Moross uses Photoshop Brushes to turn words into impactful statements.

Learn Aries Moross’ process.

Step 1: Sketch or write out your letters with the Brush or Type tool. 

Step 2: Use dynamic brushes such as watercolours to build it up. 

Step 3: Make it feel 3D with various effects like drop shadows.

Make bold collages.

Discover visual artist Chantal Caduff’s creative process and start making your own colourful compositions.

Learn Chantal’s process.

Step 1: Take away the colour with a Black & White Adjustment Layer. 

Step 2: Work on separate layers and add your colour edits with Clipping Masks.

Step 3: Arrange and resize every element with the Transform tools. 

Draw colourful creatures.

Learn how creative duo Gilles and Cecilie use Photoshop’s tools to bring their fun characters to life.

Learn Gilles and Cecilie’s process.

Step 1: Use the Brush tool to quickly sketch the character

Step 2: Combine your favourite drawings and create your final outline with the Pen tool.

Step 3: Set up a vibrant palette using Swatches and colour in the character. 

Make your characters move.

Follow 2D animator and designer Chibu Okere’s process and see how he creates full-of-life characters.

Learn Chibu's process.

Step 1: Pick up the Brush tool and sketch. Create on separate layers. 

Step 2: Switch between the Lasso and Paint Bucket to add colour.

Step 3: Open up the Timeline panel. Drop your layers in and animate your creation. 

Don’t have Photoshop?

Explore your creative potential. Try these artists’ favourite features for yourself.

Learn new tricks in our one-minute tutorials. 

Discover some of Photoshop’s top tools with our short, step-by-step video guides. Once you’ve explored each feature, you’ll soon see how they can come together to completely transform your canvas.

How to change a background.

Photoshop features: Layers Panel, Select and Mask.

How to combine two images.

Photoshop features: Clipping Masks, Adjustment Layers.

How to make an animated GIF.

Photoshop features: Layers Panel, Timeline Panel.

How to mock up your product design.

Photoshop features: 3D Panel, Mesh Presets

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