Adobe Sensei

Power incredible experiences with AI.

Designing and delivering the perfect customer experience can be complicated. Adobe Sensei uses AI and machine learning to make it easier — helping you to create effortlessly, make informed decisions and target marketing for better results. Check out our new video to see what’s possible with Adobe Sensei.

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Check out how Adobe Sensei helps

Free your creativity

Focus on true creative work with Adobe Sensei as your assistant:

Make essential edits quickly and accurately.

Find the right content when you need it with intuitive search.

Achieve amazing photorealistic effects.

Remove video imperfections in seconds.

“In an industry where both speed and quality are paramount, Content-Aware Fill is invaluable.”

Jack Tunnicliffe
Owner, Chief Colorist, Java Post

Personalise marketing for better results

Make one-to-one personalisation a reality with Adobe Sensei:

Organise and manage assets for better ROI.

Engage audiences with customised offers, subject lines and delivery timing.

Choose the best-performing experience to achieve your goals.

Crop video for multiple devices without losing the action.

“With Adobe Sensei, we're drawing a direct link from customer intelligence to personalised experiences that are valuable and relevant."

Rob McLaughlin
Head of Digital Decisioning and Analytics, Sky UK

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Deliver insights to inform decisions

Tame your data and start uncovering insights with Adobe Sensei:

Optimise and scale experiences with real-time intelligence.

Predict customer behaviour based on attributes, differences and conversion factors.

Efficiently deliver one-to-one customer experiences at scale.

Get alerted to significant events in your data.

“Adobe Sensei uncovers important information for our marketers while reducing manual processes.”

Carrie Bourke
Director, Customer Analytics and Insights, Harvard Business Review

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Make ad budgets work harder and better

Let Adobe Sensei take the guesswork out of advertising:

Predict and forecast the impact of different budget scenarios.

Automatically adjust your budget across targeting criteria.

Continuously monitor campaign performance to optimise ad delivery.

Make ad budgets work harder and better

“Thanks to optimisation capabilities powered by Adobe Sensei, we saw an 81% increase in viewability rates and more than doubled our click-through rates.”

Jonathan Wan
Director of Global Marketing, Media & Social, Japan Airlines

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Accelerate business processes

Adobe Sensei helps deliver on the promise of digital documents with smooth experiences:

Create high-quality documents with content intelligence.

Recognise form fields to speed document creation.

Quickly convert document images into PDF files.

Accelerate business processes

Detect boundaries and clean shadows in scans.

Amplify human ability with Adobe Sensei

Adobe Sensei brings the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to experiences — deepening insights, enhancing creative expression, accelerating tasks and workflows and driving real-time decisions. Adobe Sensei amplifies your ability to create and deliver personalised experiences that anticipate what customers want.

Real-time customer  experience starts now.

Creativity. Workflows. Experiences. 

All made smarter with Adobe Sensei.

Artificial intelligence is changing the way business works. And Adobe Sensei is leading the way, powering creativity, workflows and digital marketing — making each customer experience more amazing and more personal.

Customer stories


Sky UK

Sky UK delivers actionable intelligence with Adobe Sensei in Adobe Experience Cloud, which they use to anticipate customer needs.



Swisscom creates deeper levels of customer experience with Adobe Sensei in Adobe Target and Adobe Experience Manager.


Dentsu Aegis

Dentsu Aegis quickly produced a wide range of digital content with Adobe Sensei in Adobe Stock to significantly speed up workflows.

Adobe Sensei provides intelligence for Adobe Experience Platform

Adobe Sensei is the intelligence layer for Adobe Experience Platform. By automating mundane or repetitive tasks and understanding and predicting customer data, Adobe Sensei provides experience intelligence services that enhance your ability through Adobe Experience Platform to power real-time, personalised customer experiences. And Adobe Sensei services will deliver more content and experience intelligence.