Turn yourself into a cartoon with motion capture.

Start animating with Adobe Character Animator motion capture technology. Create a virtual avatar that walks, talks and mimics your facial expressions in real time.

Bring characters to life with easy-to-use performance capture technology.

You don’t need the full-body motion capture (mocap) suits used in filmmaking and video games to track movement. Turn your acting and facial expressions into a 2D cartoon or virtual reality character using equipment you already have. Bring a character to life with motion capture software in Character Animator and customise how that character looks, walks and talks.

A man's face with motion capture points superimposed over him

Set a rest pose.

Start by sitting in front of your camera with your head centred in the frame. Character Animator will assign tracking points to your face.

Collage of cartoon characters

Choose a puppet.

Character Animator comes preloaded with a variety of colourful characters called puppets. Choose one and get rolling.

Colour palette next to a customisable robot character

Customise your character.

Character Animator puppets are fully customisable. Fine-tune your character or create your own in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.

A man using Adobe Character Animator to animate a cartoon

Capture talking and moving.

With machine learning, Character Animator tracks your jaw, eyes, ears and pupils. Move your head and your puppet will too. Talk into your mic and the puppet will lip sync in real time or even mimic recorded audio.

Add body movement to digital characters.

Character Animator gives you the tools to apply human motion to your puppets, like walking, running or dancing, as well as how they interact with forces like gravity and wind.

Cartoon character next to the animation rig interface in Adobe Character Animator

Set up an animation rig.

Tag a puppet’s hips, knees and other joint angles. With those points in place, an animation rig can add human movement onto your puppet.

Cartoon character next to the physics interface in Adobe Character Animator

Customise physics.

Control how a digital character’s hair, clothes and accessories respond to the laws of physics. Character Animator lets you play with gravity, wind and add other VFX.

Creative Cloud

Import assets from other Adobe Creative Cloud apps.

Integrate seamlessly with other Creative Cloud apps to bring assets from Illustrator or Photoshop right into Character Animator. Create backgrounds, props and more for your characters to interact with.

Mocap made easy: Animate a character from start to finish.

Turn yourself into an animated character with this simple real-time process.


Capture it:
Sit in a resting pose so Character Animator can map your features.


Animate it:
Choose a puppet and start to talk. When you move your head, it will mimic you.


Customise it:
Customise a preloaded puppet or create your own.


Move it:
Set up an animation rig to allow your puppet to walk, jump or perform other full-body movements.


Enhance it:
Customise physics, tweak body movement and add other visual effects.

Explore more in animation with these tutorials.

See what you can create with Character Animator, from making your own digital character to getting tips on how to bring them to life.

Animated face character

Create a basic face.

Learn how to draw a character’s eyes, mouth and other features, starting with a Photoshop template.

Learn how ›

Cartoon character in a sitting room

Creating a basic body.

Build a torso, limbs, hands and feet for your animated figure and add rigging information to each limb to control movement.

Learn how ›

A cartoon character walking

Teach your character to walk.

Set up a basic animation rig and teach your character human movement and realistic biomechanics by learning to tag and animate individual body parts.

Learn how ›

An alien cartoon character on a desert planet with the moon in the background

Animate a puppet with Adobe Character Animator.

Get an in-depth guide to creating a fully realised puppet in Character Animator.

Learn how ›

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