Turn your insight into action.


What is Adobe Analytics?

It’s the industry-leading solution for collecting, organizing, analyzing and reporting on everything your customers do.

Turn insight into results.
Analytics brings all of your marketing data together to help you deliver more personalized experiences, drive smarter ad spend and monetize your content.

Maximize mobile.
Get dashboards and reports — built for mobile marketers — and also integrate app data with your broader marketing metrics.

Find new opportunities.
As your web analytics needs grow, combine Analytics with 360-degree customer views, powerful predictive models and cross-channel attribution.

See what Analytics can do.

Create personalized experiences for your visitors by understanding their unique attributes, behaviors and preferences.
Easily analyze customer data to predict the success of your campaigns and maximize the impact of your ad spend.
Why create a separate mobile app analytics silo? Adobe Analytics for Mobile Apps lets you keep all your analytics together.
React instantly to visitor trends with real-time reports that give you a second-by-second view of customer engagement.


We’re the leader in web analytics. Forrester agrees.

See the latest Forrester report and why Adobe Analytics is recognized as a leader.