Frequently asked questions

  1. What is a Quarterly Reporting Declaration?
    A Quarterly Reporting Declaration is a document confirming a partner's compliance with Adobe's policies as set forth on the Adobe Electronic Interchange website. It should be signed by an officer of the company and submitted the last fiscal week of each Adobe quarter end.
  2. When do I need to start reporting point-of-sale (POS) and inventory data?
    Distributors and Resellers that stock and distribute Adobe media and boxed products (shrinkwrapped) are required to start reporting POS and inventory data to Adobe within 30 days of signing their contract.
  3. What products should be included in the inventory and POS files?
    You should report only media and box product information in your files. Do not send inventory or POS information for licenses.
  4. When should the weekly reporting files be submitted to Adobe?
    Files must be received by Monday for the previous week's inventory and sales activities. Inventory data is a snapshot in time, and it should reflect the ending inventory as of Friday of the previous week. If your files are not received on time, your rebate may be affected.
  5. What if the Channel Partner's company is closed for the holidays?
    If you know ahead of time that your company will be closed for the holidays, send an email message to informing Adobe of the days that you will be closed. You should send your files as soon as you return from your holidays. Iif you do not have any sales to report, you should still send an inventory file for each week your company was closed for the holidays. Make sure you change the "Reporting Date" to correspond to the reporting week.
  6. What information is required on Channel Reporting web files?
    Required columns must have data. Refer to row 2 of either the POS or inventory template. On the template, each field is labeled as either required (Channel Partner must provide data) or requested. It is recommended that you provide data for all fields; however, requested fields can be left blank. The information must be entered as specified on the instruction template; otherwise, the file(s) will be rejected by our system.
  7. Can Channel Reporting Partners use their own header columns on the web templates?
    You can use your own language or choice of description in headers for each of the columns in the template. The actual data reported in each column should be mapped exactly as requested in the templates.
  8. Can Channel Reporting Partners enter their own description for products in the Product Description field?
    The Product Description field can contain your own description of Adobe's product. The field is used by Adobe Channel Reporting for troubleshooting problems with the SKU number field.
  9. What sales date should be entered in the Sales Date field of the POS file?
    Use the date of when the product was physically shipped. The format of the dates should be YYYYMMDD (for example, 20070807 for August 7, 2007). The product is left off the POS report until it is physically shipped from you to the end customer. If there is a minimal timing difference between shipments and invoicing in your systems, use the invoice date in the Sales Date field to indicate a sale in the POS file.
  10. What if I do not have any sales activity to report?
    Our systems check for receipt of both an Inventory and POS file from our Channel Partners every week. If you do not have sales activity to report, enter the comment "No Sales to Report" when you upload your inventory file. There is no need to submit a blank file.
  11. How do I report returned products from my customer?
    When a product is returned by a customer and has been physically received in your warehouse, you should:
    1. Inventory file: Enter receipt of these units in your inventory file as a positive number. The units should be reported in the Quantity on Hand or the Returns Quantity field, depending on whether the product is resalable. Do not report the returned product in the Quantity on Hand and Returns Quantity columns.
    2. POS file: Enter receipt of these units in your POS file as a negative number in the Quantity Shipped or Returned field. Also provide a credit memo number (or any unique identification number) in the Invoice Number field. Please note: Returns should be entered on a separate line than shipped products. (For example, if you sold ten units of a product and had two of them returned, we would expect you to report positive ten units and negative two units rather than a net figure of eight.)
  12. How do I report returned products to Adobe?
    If you have inventory that needs to be returned to Adobe (stock rotation, defective, obsolete):
    1. Inventory file: Report the product quantity in the Returns Quantity field until you physically ship the product back to Adobe. Do not double report the returned product in the On Hand Quantity and Returns Quantity columns.
    2. POS file: Returns being sent back to Adobe should not have an impact on your sales file.
  13. Where can I find the table of country code values to be used in the Sold to Country and Ship to Country fields?
    Look up the two-character code for a particular country on this website.
  14. Who should I contact if I have any questions?
    1. Questions regarding your inventory and POS files should be sent to
    2. If you have system issues where you can’t log in to upload your files, send email to