Every perfect drawing starts with Line.
Easily draw perfectly straight lines, geometric shapes,
perspective view, and more with Line, Adobe's mobile app for precision drawing.

Adobe Illustrator Line
Line in Action.
Line brings your favorite drawing tools and Adobe Creative Cloud together with Adobe desktop app integration and gives you seamless ways to share your work.
Send to Illustrator CC and Photoshop CC
Send sketches to your desktop to edit as vector paths in Illustrator. Use them for reference in Photoshop and Illustrator, or incorporate them into other designs.
Drawing grids
Draw with adjustable, scaling grids to accommodate almost any drawing need — standard grid, two-point perspective, isometric, and axonometric.
Drafting tools
Draw with a modern take on traditional drafting tools — rulers, French curves, and shape templates — using your finger or a stylus.
Upload your in-progress or finished work to Behance to get kudos or feedback immediately, right in the app.
Smart spacing
Accurately align and space objects as you draw, using visual guides that indicate alignment and identical spacing.
Shape packs
Choose from hundreds of shapes to trace or stamp — basic geometrics, user interface elements, fashion figures, Herman Miller furniture, and more.
Creative Cloud connected
Line automatically backs up your projects to Creative Cloud, so you’ll never lose your work.
Ink and Slide compatible
Line was built from the ground up with Adobe’s new Creative Cloud pen and digital ruler in mind.

Made with Line.

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Connected to Creative Cloud.
Your projects are automatically backed up to Creative Cloud, so you'll never lose your work. Import your reference images from Creative Cloud and color your designs with your favorite themes from Color CC. Take your concepts further in Illustrator and Photoshop.
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A modern approach to sketching that combines organic drawing, straight lines, perfect shapes, and perspective.

Adobe Ink & Slide
Creative Cloud pen and digital ruler
Line works great with Ink and Slide. Create in a more natural and fluid way. Draw straight lines, perfect circles, and more.
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