How to fill out a PDF form on an Android phone.

A man uses his Android phone to fill out a PDF form.

Businesses use PDF forms to collect all kinds of information. The ability to easily complete them on an Android or other devices can help keep your business moving.

Smartphones and tablets, with their apps, provide convenience and efficiency that were inconceivable a few decades ago. One important way these devices make our lives easier is the ability to sign and fill out PDF forms from anywhere. Our step-by-step guide below makes learning how to fill out a PDF form on an Android simple.

What’s needed to fill out a PDF form on an Android?

Filling out PDF forms on Android devices has become increasingly convenient, allowing users to complete documents on the go. Whether it’s a job application, a survey, or a registration form, the process can be pretty straightforward when using the right tools and knowledge. Let’s explore the essential requirements to make filling out PDF forms on your Android phone an easy experience:

Now that you know what’s required to fill out PDFs, let’s explore how to fill out PDF forms on an Android phone.

How to fill out PDF forms on an Android phone.

To easily fill out a PDF form on an Android device using, for example, Acrobat Reader, simply follow the five steps below.

  1. Download the PDF form to your device.
  2. Open the Acrobat app and press the plus sign at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Choose the edit a PDF option and then navigate to the form you want.
  4. Touch the pencil icon at the bottom of the screen, then select Edit PDF.
  5. Fill in the form and touch Done at the top of the screen.

Now that you know how to fill in a PDF form on an Android, you may be wondering if you can fill out a PDF in your browser. Read on to learn if you can and how.

Can I fill out a PDF form on an Android in a web browser?

If you prefer, you can choose to use a browser to fill out and sign PDF forms on your Android device. Go to the Adobe Acrobat online services Fill & Sign tool, upload the PDF document you want to work with, and use the toolbar to fill in the form fields or add your signature.

When signing PDFs, you need legally binding signatures and a solution to help you collect them efficiently and cost-effectively. More than just filling in a form field, a document signing app or tool needs to be able to collect signatures securely and help you manage and track them. It’s easy to sign a PDF on an Android as well.

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