How to store employee proof of vaccination forms.

HR departments face a new challenge with requests for proof of vaccination. Digital tools can help you collect and store vaccine forms.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges to companies and HR departments across the world. One of them is how to provide a vaccination form for employees and securely store the documentation.

If your employees need to supply proof of vaccination will depend entirely on local laws — but with constantly changing mandates, it’s a smart move to know how to store their proof of vaccination forms ahead of time.

Create a document collection process.

First, establish a clear procedure for how your company will collect these forms. You should have a plan for how you will:

The easiest way to implement this process is to design it digitally from the start. Digital documents and electronic signatures do more than just save you time when distributing policy information and requesting forms and signatures. You can also maintain a clear paper trail for regulatory compliance purposes and easily protect stored documents with passwords and safety certificates.

Use the right digital document tools.

The most important tool needed for storing employee vaccination forms is a safe data storage system. There are more options than we could reasonably list, and you can use both local and online platforms depending on your needs.

You must also be able to collect documents from your employees or you’ll have nothing to store. Acrobat Sign can distribute documents to multiple recipients instantly, and request and track e-signatures. It also provides powerful security and compliance features to maintain confidentiality.

Discover more ways Sign can help your company’s documentation processes.