How to create a roofing invoice template in 4 steps.

Two men use a tablet to review a roofing invoice template for services.

To help you get paid for your hard work quickly, use the right business tools. These steps can help you get started with how to create a roofing invoice for services rendered.

A roofing business requires hard work and organization. You’ll want to send out accurate invoices so you can get paid promptly. You may find yourself working from the office, the field, or from home, so choosing the right document creation application is critical.

Roofing invoice example.

As a roofing contractor, you have seen a wide range of problems that take place with roofs. You’ll want to ensure that you are charging accurately for each roof situation. Depending on your project, you’ll calculate the costs and time spent and itemize them in the customer invoice:

Make your roofing invoice stand out.

Help your customers immediately recognize any business document from your company. Use the same color schemes, images, and logos throughout your printed and digital materials. Your creative and unique branding will strengthen your relationship with your customers.

What should be included in a roofing invoice?

Information you should consider when you need to create a roofing invoice template:

4 steps to create a roofing invoice.

  1. Gather customer information. Your invoice should include all contact information for the customer, including a mailing address, phone number, and email address.

  2. Find or create a template. Use a template to ensure you have all the details that need to be included in the invoice, such as your company information, the customer’s information, invoice details, product description, and payment instructions.

  3. Add the invoice description. Compile the description of each item on the invoice. Individual line items can include roofing materials and quantity, labor hours and costs, travel charges (if any), and taxes. You can refer back to the previous roofing invoice examples to help you think through other considerations that may need to be documented on your invoice.

  4. Send the invoice. Send the invoice to the customer by mail, or for a faster turnaround, distribute an online PDF once it is complete.

Applications for creating a roofing invoice template.

It’s vital to choose the right tools if you’re going to make a roofing invoice for services rendered. A flexible, yet powerful, professional application integrated with secure e-signatures will project the image you need to stay ahead of the competition.

General tips for creating a roofing invoice.

Before you send an invoice:

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