Tips for how to go paperless in business.

A woman sitting at a desk holds a tablet to review an electronic document recently scanned from a paper document

Explore top tips for how to go paperless and shift your business operations entirely online.

The benefits of taking your business paperless are plentiful. Physically, it saves tons of space — goodbye, filing cabinets. Environmentally, it saves mounds of paper. Organizationally, it streamlines your archiving process and makes finding documents quick and efficient. But getting there can feel like an uphill battle.

What stops businesses from going paperless?

So, what stops businesses from going paperless? The mental transition can be daunting. First, digitizing all your papers and documents requires a sheer amount of work. And security concerns are a constant worry, such as if your system will get hacked.

If you’re thinking about going paperless but don’t know where or how to start, follow these tips to set up a manageable, secure, and efficient process.

How to go paperless in business.

Going paperless is as much a cultural shift as it is a technological shift. Follow these tips to ease your workplace into becoming a paperless business.

What does your business need to consider when going paperless?

Paperless businesses enjoy financial and physical advantages. When thinking about how to go paperless, consider these business questions before making the switch:

What types of tools help businesses go paperless?

Multiple tools can help you start your paperless journey and digitize existing resources. Some of these tools may already be available to you:

Paperless businesses can get more done online.

A paperless workplace is also a more secure one. Explore how Adobe Acrobat for business can help you digitize documents to securely collaborate, sign, and share.