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How document digitization can streamline your systems of agreement.

Relying on paper documents can be a drag on your business processes. Discover how transitioning to digital formats can enhance the workflow of your workplace.

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Three reasons to digitize your systems of agreement.

  • Digital files are easier for employees to access than paper documents.
  • Document digitization and digital signatures are easy with apps like Adobe Scan and Adobe Acrobat Sign.
  • Digitized systems of agreement result in faster workflows and reduced waste.

The benefits of digitizing your systems of agreement.

A system of agreement is the process a company uses to prepare, sign, enact, and manage contracts and other written agreements. As more businesses adopt hybrid workplace models, it’s become common for employees to spend some of their week working in the office and some time at home working remotely. As a result, it’s crucial that your business digitizes important processes so employees tasked with preparing contracts aren’t constrained by the need to access physical documents stored in a single location.

The ongoing digital transformation has affected customer relationships as well. Virtual meetings mean you’re less likely to have a face-to-face interaction with a client, so you need to be sure they can sign the necessary paperwork and agreements online.

It’s also just good common sense to convert your paper records to digital data as a backup, so they’re preserved for business record keeping, regulatory purposes, or in the event of a natural disaster or any physical damage.

What is document management and digitization?

Digitization and document management are paperless systems that use digital files to open up a new world of opportunities for automation and other time-saving procedures, like digital signatures for documents that need to move through the approval chain quickly.

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What is the best way to digitize documents?

Document digitization starts with a rock solid process based on three easy steps.


Bringing your systems of agreement into the digital age is all about document scanning. Using a free app like Adobe Scan, you can quickly and easily digitize your analog files to be saved on a shared server or hard drive as a PDF. Adobe Scan uses optical character recognition (OCR) to analyze all the text on the page so your scanned documents will be fully searchable.


Once you’ve got documents digitized, getting them out to relevant stakeholders is essential. With Adobe Acrobat Sign, you can get documents where they need to be in order to be signed electronically or digitally, manage all signature processes, and speed the time it takes for things to get completed.


Once you’ve created a system of digitization with support for electronic or digital signatures, you’ll have a system ready for you to manage, which is easy to do with Adobe tools. Working with Adobe’s online storage or your online storage system of choice, organizing documents with Adobe Document Cloud gives you secure oversight and management of all of your business’s important documents.

If your office space is full of file cabinets packed with important documents, digitizing everything may be too big of a job to go about on your own. In that case, a document digitization service might be better equipped to handle all the scanning and data entry necessary to bring your information online. However you digitize your documents, the benefits are well worth the effort.

How ITV used digital contracts to quit wasting paper and time.

British television network ITV — producer of the long-running soap operas Emmerdale and Coronation Street

had a paperwork problem. Contract management for the many directors and writers hired to work on the shows from month to month was generating more than 20,000 paper documents annually. Mailing contracts out to be signed and returned took an average of two weeks per signature.

When ITV digitized their system of agreement and began processing contracts with Acrobat Sign, the results were felt immediately. Administrative staff reported spending over 80% less time on contract preparation thanks to the Acrobat Sign automated smart documents that save information and automatically populate forms. And once it was possible to sign documents electronically, the overwhelming majority of digital contracts sent to writers and directors were returned in just days instead of weeks. After digitizing contract procedures across the entire company, ITV now uses 3.4 million fewer pieces of paper every year and saves 20,000 pounds of waste.

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Streamline and simplify your systems of agreement with Acrobat Sign.

When your company’s digitization of documents is complete, Acrobat Sign has all the tools you need to keep on top of every piece of digital paperwork throughout its life cycle. From electronic signatures to strong password protection and encryption features, Acrobat Sign helps streamline document processes, reduce paperwork, and conserve valuable resources.

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