What should you look out for in a listing agreement.

Are you getting ready to sell your house using a real estate agent? Here are some things to look out for before signing a listing agreement.

When you decide to sell your house or property, you may want to work with an expert listing agent. But before you can work with a real estate agent to list and sell your property, you’re likely going to have to sign a type of real estate contract called a listing agreement, which allows them to act on your behalf to sell your property. Before you decide to sign, here are some things to look out for.

The top 4 things to look out for in a listing agreement.

When you’re getting ready to work with an agent, you’ll want some knowledge of what goes into a real estate listing agreement and what to look out for. That way, you can sign your contract with confidence, knowing you got the best terms possible.

Here are the top four things to look out for in a listing agreement:

  1. Type of agreement: There are four basic types of listing agreements, and you’ll want to know which one you’re signing before you move forward.
  2. Expiration date: Pay close attention to how long your agent wants to be able to keep your house on the market. If you think your home should sell quickly, you can negotiate for a shorter time frame.
  3. List price: This is how much money you agree the agent can list your house for.
  4. Commission: This is how much of the purchase price you'll pay to your agent. A typical commission for a listing agent is between 5–6%. This cannot be renegotiated after signing, so be sure you're clear on these terms.

Thankfully, once it's time to sign on the dotted line, you can leave the pen in your drawer. You can quickly and securely sign contracts digitally using Acrobat Pro with e-sign so that you can get your house on the market faster.