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Protect your business with employee handbook acknowledgment.

Create signed employee handbook acknowledgment pages in PDF or Microsoft Word format to shield you from legal liability.

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Make sure everyone in your organization knows your policies by enacting electronic employee handbook acknowledgment.

What is an employee handbook acknowledgment?

An employee handbook may not be juicy reading material, but it’s very important that every employee receives and reads a document that lists all the company policies they’re expected to abide by. From dress codes and PTO processes to sexual harassment rules, putting these regulations in writing up front — even the ones that seem like no-brainers — ensures that everybody on your team has advance notice of what’s expected of them starting on day one.

An employee handbook acknowledgment (sometimes known as an employee handbook signature page) is a document sent to each new employee along with their copy of the employee handbook. It’s a simple acknowledgment of receipt of the handbook, signifying that employees have the handbook in their possession, have read it, and are aware of who to contact if they have any questions.

Fast and effective electronic signature acknowledgment.

From a legal standpoint, it’s important to be able to prove that your employees have access to and have read the contents of the employee handbook. The best way to accomplish this is with an employee handbook acknowledgment through electronic signature. You can use Acrobat Sign to quickly and easily add e-signatures in Microsoft Word or in a PDF. Once the employee returns the document with their electronic signature, human resources should keep a copy in the employee’s personnel file.

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How to create an employee handbook signature page with Acrobat Sign.

Acrobat Sign comes equipped with a number of useful tools to help you quickly and easily draft an employee handbook acknowledgment and get it signed.

1. Start by adding an acknowledgment page.

You can easily add a page to your handbook requesting a signature upon receipt, and then email that document to multiple recipients straight from Acrobat Sign —making it easy to send out receipt of employee handbook forms to several new hires at once.

2. Employees can easily add their e-signatures.

Recipients can review the document and add their own e-signature, even if they don’t have Acrobat Sign. This will automatically track a signature date so you have a record of exactly when the employees received their handbook.

3. You can track signatures as they come in.

You’ll receive a notification each time a document is signed, so you can keep track of who has completed their electronic signature acknowledgment and who needs a follow-up.

Add e-signatures in Word

If your team prefers to work in Word, you can install an Acrobat Sign plugin that will allow you and your employees to add signatures to Word documents.

Each of these tools will make it a breeze to reissue acknowledgments in case large revisions are made to the handbook — you’ll want to ensure every employee confirms their receipt of the revised information that supersedes the old company policies.

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Why employee handbook acknowledgments are important.

An employee handbook acknowledgment may feel like tedious paperwork, but it can be extremely helpful to have written proof from each employee that they understand the nature of their employment relationship with your company. In the event that you need to terminate an employee for violating company policies and they sue for wrongful termination, a signed acknowledgment of receipt of employee handbook with the employee’s name on it will make it difficult for them to claim in court that you didn’t inform them about the company’s rules.

Whether your employee handbook is two pages or two hundred, having your employees sign a formal acknowledgment that they received it will save you and your human resources department plenty of headaches in the long term.

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