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What are e-docs?

An electronic document, or e-doc, is a digital file that takes the place of a physical copy or printout. E-docs, like PDFs, are easier to share, organize, and collaborate on, whether teams are in the same office or scattered across the globe. They are secure, and you can view, review, and sign them — and track their progress — from any device.

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The benefits of using electronic documents.

Anything paper can do, electronic documents can do better. Paper remains on premises at the office, while you can access e-docs anytime and anywhere thanks to cloud-based storage. This organized, always-available, and secure electronic workflow will keep business processes rolling and help your company’s bottom line.

Going paperless saves money and physical storage space, and reduces additional costs from reprinting updated documents. Electronic documents also make collaboration easier and improve customer service, helping streamline processes and speed up your ability to do business. Plus, you can save time by searching for specific words, phrases, or details in e-docs.

How PDFs make document management more secure.

Confidential e-docs like contracts, invoices, purchase orders, HR forms, and releases can be stored and protected behind firewalls and backed up against destruction and file corruption. These e-signed documents can be locked with a password to increase security, even when you’re moving at the speed of business to quickly process contracts or confidential digital forms.

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Types of electronic documents.

Here are a few of the most common types of e-docs.

1. Documents.

From contracts and proposals to user guides and manuscripts, you can convert any Microsoft Word doc or text file into a PDF that is easy to share, annotate, or sign.

2. Presentations.

You can convert PowerPoint files and other slide presentations to send as a resource after you present them. These files can easily be viewed on any computer or mobile device, making the information even more accessible to your audience.

3. Spreadsheets.

Numbers and data are best tracked in spreadsheets, and being able to convert and display that data in easy-to-read PDFs — that can fit any screen — makes it simpler to securely share dense information.

4. Images.

By converting image files into PDFs, you can create a searchable, shareable database of easy-to-store images, photos, and more.

How Adobe Acrobat Sign makes it easy to fill out and sign e-docs.

Electronic signatures are legally binding, giving e-docs an advantage when it comes to signing documents. E-signatures are much more secure than signatures on traditional paper documents. An e-signature contains information you can trace about who signed the document, and where and when they signed it. You can use e-signatures to replace handwritten signatures in contracts, application forms, new hire onboarding forms, nondisclosure agreements, vendor onboarding documents, as well as requests for proposals, change authorizations, and government benefits enrollment forms. Easy, more secure, and cost-saving, e-signatures are the e-doc triple threat.

Check out these e-doc success stories.

These businesses saved valuable time with electronic documents and Acrobat Sign.

Acxiom sees transparent contract status and expedited onboarding.

Acxiom provides data to marketers around the world that allows them to create targeted sales and marketing campaigns. Demand is high, and the company is growing. To make the document and contract experience smoother and faster, Acxiom began implementing an e-signature solution several years ago. It’s been such a success that Acxiom has switched to Acrobat Sign Solutions across all departments. The Salesforce team issues approximately 200 client change requests a month using Acrobat Sign, but keeps all records within Salesforce.

Meanwhile, HR at Acxiom is onboarding new talent faster with Acrobat Sign Solutions integrated into Workday. “The time we’re saving on contract-related administration is being re-invested in global recruitment and supporting the needs of employees,” says Kathy Brand, senior human resources manager.

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PGi completes and amends contracts faster.

Growing from a conferencing company into a business communications provider is no easy feat, and it’s even harder without an enterprise-wide contract management system. But after adopting the Acrobat Sign Solutions integration with Salesforce, PGi has reduced contract completion times from several weeks to an average of 33 hours.

The integration has given PGi visibility for the first time into the full process for completing contracts. “Acrobat Sign and Salesforce integration enables analytics that show us gaps in the process and how we can address them by improving our workflows,” says Cody Royster, director of IT, CRM Operations & Technology.

PGi uses Acrobat Sign Solutions to approve contract amendments and obtain European customers’ consent to the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In addition, company sales reps always know how their performance is measured and rewarded because new and existing personnel sign commission packs and amended commission terms with Acrobat Sign Solutions.

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Make e-docs part of your strategic plan with Acrobat Sign.

Now more than ever, your company needs to minimize business interruption and maintain business continuity, all while planning for the future. This is especially critical for highly regulated industries like financial services and government, as well as healthcare and life sciences. Security and compliance have never been more important, especially as employees rapidly move to working remotely.

Send, sign, and track e-signatures with ease, making your business a better partner — improving customer and client relations while saving you money. Quickly add electronic signatures to any document in just a few clicks.

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