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How to supercharge your sales productivity with digital documents.

A successful sales team goes beyond how many deals you can close. Discover strategies and productivity tools to streamline your sales process, improve efficiency, and increase profit.

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What is sales productivity?

Time flies. That’s as true for your sales team as it is for everyone else. Sales productivity is all about ensuring that your salespeople use that time to bring in new customers and grow the business. To achieve this, your sales process must strike a balance between efficiency and effectiveness.

An efficient sales representative spends as much time as possible on tasks like preparing for sales calls and follow-ups with leads and as little as possible on administrative tasks. An effective rep is good at closing deals and winning over new customers. On a productive sales team, reps are able to prioritize urgent sales activities to maximize their output.

How to measure your team’s productivity.

The customer relationship management (or CRM) software your sales team uses to stay on top of their leads can also give you some valuable insights into your sales reps’ productivity. By identifying and tracking a few key performance indicators (KPIs) such as calls, conversations, and appointments, you can gauge your team’s effectiveness over time and better understand the areas where they need to improve.

For example, if you see that your reps are making a lot of calls but not having many conversations, that could be a sign that your marketing team needs to generate higher-quality leads. If reps are having lots of conversations but making few appointments, that could be a sign that your sales strategy needs work.

Average sales length is another important metric to keep an eye on. Knowing how long it takes to go from contacting a qualified lead to closing the deal can help you to estimate the length of your sales cycle, which is valuable for sales forecasting and making long-term plans for your business. If the length of some of your reps’ sales is longer than the average, you can examine their workflow to uncover new opportunities for efficiency.

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Identifying ways to increase sales productivity.

Once you’ve got the numbers on your sales performance, you can diagnose where your problems are and begin designing solutions. If you see that your sales team members are spending a lot of their day on data entry instead of selling activities, consider automating administrative tasks or delegating them to non-sales professionals on your staff.

You may discover that your team isn’t meeting their benchmarks because they don’t have the resources they need to succeed. One method to address this is adopting a sales enablement strategy, which means making sure your reps have the tools, information, and other content necessary to close deals and bring in new business.

Any push for increased productivity will probably involve additional sales training, where your sales managers educate the team on new procedures, apps, and functionalities to help meet sales goals. The training process might also include new incentives for reps to learn and adhere to the new process.

Focusing on sales productivity isn’t just about racking up a higher number of sales. It’s also about employee retention. Streamlined workflows and an efficient sales process can reduce burnout for your staff and make it easier to keep your best sales reps functioning at peak performance.

Examples of ways Adobe Sign can improve the productivity of a sales team

How Acrobat Sign can boost your sales productivity.

Acrobat Sign comes with a suite of powerful features that can help sales organizations run smoothly and increase their win rate.

Digitize your workflow.

By eliminating paperwork and in-person processes, Sign makes it easier to collaborate on sales documents no matter where your team is located.

Templates for every task.

Create, edit, and customize templates for outreach emails, RFPs, onboarding documents, and anything else your sales organization needs.

Seamless CRM integration.

From Salesforce to Hubspot and everything in between, Sign interfaces with your company’s customer relationship management software so you can gather data and collect signatures without leaving the app.

Dashboard views.

Track e-signatures, documents sent and received, and audit trails at a glance so every step of your sales process is always accounted for.

Automation for efficiency.

Automate early-stage sales activities like prospecting and end-stage tasks like proposal generation, so your sales team can spend more time selling and less time on admin work.

No matter the size of your business or what product you’re selling, your sales team’s time is its most valuable commodity. Optimized for convenience and easy communication, Sign’s powerful toolset can help you save that time for the tasks that can take your business to new heights.

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