Collaboration tools to streamline your side jobs.

When you have multiple hustles going on, it can be difficult to stay in contact with all your clients. Here are a few collaboration tools to help you streamline your side jobs.


Most side jobs are remote, so it’s not always easy to talk to your clients when you need to. Slack is an instant messaging platform that keeps you in constant contact with everyone on your various teams.

You can message colleagues and clients individually or create collaborative groups for teamworking sessions.

The best part of Slack for people with multiple jobs is that you can merge all your client profiles into one Slack experience. When you want to switch teams, just click a button. It’s easy to collaborate with everyone, no matter how many side jobs you have.

Google Suite.

When you work multiple jobs, documents seem to pile up. If you don’t stay organized, it’s easy to get confused.

With Google Suite, you can create multiple folders for all your various jobs. Even better, all your team members can work on the documents in real time for easy collaboration.

Google Suite also allows you to make video calls, share your screen, and manage your project calendar. Calendars can even be color-coded to keep track of your various side hustles.

Adobe Acrobat.

Google and Word documents aren’t great for official submissions. If you need to send forms or official documents, it’s essential that you maintain formatting, no matter which device your client uses. You can’t collaborate if you and your client are looking at two different documents. That’s where Adobe Acrobat comes in.

Acrobat is a downloadable program for creating, managing, and editing PDFs. You can also collaborate on documents with your teams in real time.

If you don’t want to download software, Acrobat online services lets you fill, sign, convert, and edit PDFs right from your web browser.

Discover what more you can do with Acrobat collaboration tools to streamline your side jobs.