Learn how to convert a photo to a PDF on your iPhone.

A woman converts a picture to a PDF on her iPhone.

Learn how to convert photos to PDFs right from your iPhone.

Has someone asked you to send them a PDF with images, but all the images are on your iPhone? There’s a quick and easy way to convert pictures to a PDF on your iPhone so you can easily share this file with others.

Why convert a picture to a PDF?

A PDF, short for Portable Document Format, is widely used precisely because of what it stands for — it’s portable. PDFs can be shared and opened across various apps, hardware, and operating systems. Plus, they retain their quality, formatting, and properties. So, it’s really no surprise that converting photos to PDFs can be helpful when you want to share high-quality images, too.

Learn how to turn your iPhone snapshots into PDFs so that you can share them, knowing the recipient can easily open, access, and view them — no matter where or which device they use.

Can I convert a photo to PDF directly on my iPhone?

You can convert a photo to PDF directly from your iPhone using the iPhone Photos app. The Photos app is native to the iPhone and is a quick and easy way to transform your photos into PDFs.

What other photo file types can I convert to PDF?

You can convert the popular JPG image file to PDF using Adobe Acrobat online services. You can also convert JPG to PDF directly from your iPhone as well as other image file types such as PNG, TIFF, and more.

Quick, easy steps for converting your JPGs to PDFs on iPhone.

Converting your JPG into a PDF is simple once you learn your way around your iPhone.

  1. Open your iPhone Photo app and find the photo you want to PDF.
  2. Select the photo and click the Share icon.
  3. Choose the Print option. It should be at the bottom of your options list.
  4. Zoom in on your photo - this opens your image in a PDF viewer.
  5. Tap the Share icon again once you're in the PDF viewer.
  6. Save it to your iPhone files.
  7. Send along your PDF image with the assurance that the quality, coloring, and other important properties will translate.

You can also use the Files app to convert your JPGs to PDFs on your iPhone.

  1. Go to Photos, tap Share, then Save to Files.
  2. Open Files and locate the image.

Share the PDF with others.

There are a few different ways you can share your PDF with others from your iPhone. Start by tapping the Share icon, and from there, you can send the PDF using iMessage, your email app of choice, AirDrop, or another channel.

Not sure where the PDF went? Learn how to find PDFs on an iPhone.

More resources to convert images to PDFs.

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Learn how to use Adobe Acrobat to edit, secure, share, and convert your PDF images. And while you’re at it, explore how you can access these features on the go with Acrobat online services.