How to rotate a PDF on a Chromebook.

A woman in a living room rotates a PDF on her Chromebook.

This article explains a few, simple steps that teach you how to rotate a PDF on a Chromebook.

Not sure how to flip or rotate your PDFs? You’re not alone. Sometimes your PDF (or a page in your PDF) is oriented the wrong way, and it’s just not sustainable to tilt your head so that you can read it sideways. It’s also not professional to send a PDF that is sideways or upside down. The good news? Rotating your PDF is simple and easy and can be done directly on your Chromebook.

Learn more about how to rotate your PDF with the easy-to-use tools found in Adobe Acrobat and Acrobat online services — without having to exit your current PDF.

How to rotate a PDF on the go with your Chromebook.

If you don’t have editable PDF software on your Chromebook, you may be worried about how you can share a PDF you received with a page or more turned the wrong way.

Fortunately, you can always rotate PDF pages using Acrobat online services.

  1. Navigate to the Adobe Acrobat online services Rotate PDF pages tool from any web browser.
  2. Click the blue button labeled “Select a file” or drag and drop a PDF into the drop zone.
  3. Highlight or select a specific page or set of pages that you want to rotate.
  4. Click the rotate clockwise or rotate the counterclockwise icon located in the top toolbar.

You can now save and rename your new PDF file. Download the file or get a link to share it digitally.

Of course, if you have Adobe Acrobat and you would like to rotate a PDF page, you can do it right in the app and don’t have to use a browser to go to Acrobat online.

Is there a rotate PDF shortcut on Chromebook?

If you’re reading a PDF in the Acrobat Pro tool and one or more pages are not right-side up, you might be tempted to just tilt your head or your device and keep reading. After all, it’s just a few pages and you’re just reading. Right? Fortunately, there is a shortcut for you to temporarily change the orientation of a page that you’re reading in Acrobat. It won’t save the turned pages in the right orientation — that’s what the free online tool is for — but it will allow you to view a file much more easily.

To flip your page view on a PDF temporarily, use this shortcut:

Unlock your creative PDF potential.

Learning how to rotate your PDF is just the beginning. The PDF is an industry standard file format for a reason, and Adobe, the creator of PDFs, has many tools to help you unlock its full potential. With Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat online services, you can edit, highlight, redact, and more. You can merge or compress PDFs for easier sending. You can even use online services to collaborate remotely in real time with your team, annotating and commenting on documents together. If you need security, you can encrypt your PDF and redact sensitive information. Acrobat has your back for all your PDF editing needs.

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