Easily annotate a PDF from anywhere on an iPad.

For any type of project, it’s simple to mark up a PDF using Adobe Acrobat online services — no matter where you or your collaborators are located.

A project deadline looms, and you and your team need to make progress quickly. Perhaps it’s a legal document or an involved report that contains lots of detailed information, but some of that info is incorrect or out of date. With Acrobat online services, you can make annotations on the PDF to indicate any necessary edits right on your iPad — and you can do it whether you’re in the office, at home, or on the move.

Here’s how to annotate a PDF on an iPad.

Make edits to your document by following these simple steps:

  1. Hit Select A File to navigate to your file, whether it’s on your iPad or a cloud-based service.
  2. Sign in to make annotations, and use the tools to highlight, strike through, or add text.
  3. Add new comments or reply to previous ones.
  4. You can download the file, but you’ll most likely want to share it with others via the Share menu.

Your team can now act on the changes you’ve made, and your project will be more accurate and up to date. Adobe created the PDF format and it’s still the go-to method for working with PDF files today.

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