How to convert CAD to PDF.

Learn how to quickly and easily convert a computer-aided design (CAD) file into a PDF so it can be shared and viewed on a computer or other devices.

In the design field, computer-aided design (CAD) files are what make everything possible. Widely used by architects, engineers, and designers, these unique files store 2D and 3D designs as well as additional processes and data.

While these files are integral to design work, not everyone in your workflow may be familiar with (or able to access) these types of files. In a few simple steps, though, you can create a PDF to make it easier for others to access and view the information.

Take these steps to convert a CAD file to a PDF.

With Adobe Acrobat, you can easily convert any CAD file into a PDF. While there are various CAD files, DWG and DXF are two of the most common types you may need to convert to PDF. Simply follow the steps below to get started:

  1. In Acrobat, select Tools, then Create PDF.
  2. Select Single File, then Select a File from the options menu
  3. Upload your CAD file.
  4. Click or tap on Create. This converts your selected file to a PDF.
  5. Save your PDF to your desired location.

Now that you’ve converted your CAD file to PDF, you can easily share it with others where it can be viewed on any computer and most mobile devices.

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