How to convert a PDF to a PDF/A.

A quick and easy way to convert your file format from PDF to PDF/A.

Technology is always changing — which is great until it turns your documents obsolete. By converting your PDF to a PDF/A, you protect the document’s layout, formatting, fonts, size, you name it. This keeps your documents safe, secure, readable, and accessible for the long term. Learn how to safeguard your documents for archiving with Adobe Acrobat.

Follow these steps to convert your document.

Once you’ve created your PDF in Acrobat, simply follow these steps:

  1. Select Tools and then select PDF Standards
  2. Click Save As PDF/A
  3. Choose the location where you want to save your PDF/A file

And you’re done — easy as 1-2-3.

A solution for your PDF needs.

In step two, you’ll also see options to convert your PDF to PDF/X or PDF/E. PDF/X ensures your file will work when sent to a professional printer. PDF/E makes your file useful for engineering documents. And PDF/A, of course, ensures your file can stand the test of time.

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