How to create a fillable PDF on an iPhone.

Discover how easy it is to create a fillable PDF that you can share with anyone directly from your iPhone.

Students, business owners, and other professionals everywhere depend on PDFs to safely send and receive information. They’re a versatile way to share documents and it’s easy to do from just about any device — even an iPhone. Follow these steps to learn how to create a fillable PDF on an iPhone that you can share with anyone in the world.

Make a new document on your iPhone.

You’ll need a word processor or PDF manager app on your phone to draft a digital document. If you don’t have one already, you can get started easily with Adobe Acrobat, or explore Acrobat online services.

Open the app and use any of these methods to make a digital document:

Remember to include everything your fillable PDF will need, like introductory text, form instructions, and so on. When you’re done, save the digital document as a PDF file (.pdf).

Identify fields, then send and share your fillable PDF.

Once you have a digital document, you’re ready to add fields that will capture information like names, contact information, signatures, or whatever else you need.

If you chose to scan a printed document in the step above, fields should automatically appear. Use the Adobe Fill & Sign mobile app to instantly enter information and a signature on the go. If you chose to start with a template or build a form from scratch, you can explore more ways to create fields.

When your document has every field you need, you’re ready to send and share it as a fillable PDF directly from your iPhone. Discover what more you can do with Acrobat today.