Download a PDF of a newspaper.

If you want to read newspapers or periodicals offline, or send an article to a friend, make a PDF of a newspaper with a handy application.

Maybe you want to read your newspaper offline during a long trip. Or maybe you want to send an article or column you find stimulating to a friend to read. Perhaps you want to print out some newspaper content without the formatting challenges of printing directly from a webpage. Good news: You can easily convert a newspaper or periodical file to a PDF. Once you have your PDF file, you can download it for your long trip, email it to a friend, or print the file to save an engaging or important article.

Here’s how to get a PDF file of a newspaper.

First, get the newspaper file, such as Microsoft Word or even an image file, so that you can convert it. Next, open Adobe Acrobat and go to the File menu. Choose Create and then PDF From File. From here, navigate to the location of the newspaper file and click Open. When the new PDF opens, you can email it or save it for offline reading.

Now that you have your newspaper in PDF format, you’re ready to go. If you need a quicker option than this, you can always head to the convert to PDF page and follow the easy instructions there. You can also take advantage of other easy options that Acrobat online services offer, such as annotating PDFs.

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