How to use Acrobat to chat with PDFs

Follow these steps to chat with documents using the Acrobat AI Assistant online tool: | Three chat bubbles represent how to chat with PDF documents using AI

  1. Use the Select a file button above, or drag and drop a document into the drop zone.
  2. Review the suggested questions for fast insights.
  3. Sign in to ask your document questions and get quick AI chat answers.
  4. Use the PDF AI answers to craft emails, presentations, and more.

Try our AI chat tool for free | Two chat icons indicating how you can ask questions and get AI answers in Adobe Acrobat

Chat with your docs

All you have to do is ask. Upload a document, sign in, and type a question to get a quick answer. With Acrobat AI Assistant, you can understand key information and analyze data in seconds. | A PDF and lightbulb highlight insights easily found using Acrobat's AI PDF technology

Get to what matters fast

Need quick insights? Review the brief AI-powered overview of your doc. Then select a suggested question or type in your own question to streamline document research and analysis. | A clock represents how document AI will speed up business processes to help with productivity

Speed up workflows with document AI

With AI Assistant, you can create impactful content based on your document in record time. Use AI chat answers to craft emails, social media posts, presentations, and more. | An icon of a document illustrates how AI technology can quickly verify source information found in a PDF document

Trace answers back to linked sources

AI Assistant answers include numbered attributions that make it easy to verify information. When you select a numbered link, Acrobat highlights the source content right in the document. | A table and pencil are used to analyze complex data using Acrobat AI Assistant

Easily analyze complex data

Whatever use case or question you have, ask away. AI Assistant delivers fast answers by using AI algorithms to quickly analyze document content, including data in charts and tables. | A shield with a lock in the middle indicating AI PDF file security

PDF AI you can trust

As the inventor of the PDF file format, Adobe delivers document security and AI technology you can trust. So you can use our AI tool to chat with PDFs confidently.

Questions? We have answers.

What kind of questions can I ask my PDF?

You can use the Acrobat AI Assistant tool to ask a PDF all kinds of questions. AI Assistant will then provide a quick answer, using natural language for easier understanding. As an example use case, you can ask AI Assistant to list a document’s five most important points, or you can ask it to draft an email summarizing your document. Don’t know what to ask? Simply select one of the common questions suggested by AI Assistant.

First, upload a PDF or other supported file. If you upload a Microsoft Word document (DOCX), PowerPoint presentation (PPTX), TXT file, or RTF file, the Acrobat online tool will convert the file format to PDF. Then sign in to ask your document questions and get quick answers.

You’ll notice that many AI Assistant answers provide attribution by including numbered references as clickable links. When you select one of the numbered links in the AI Assistant chat answer, the AI PDF tool instantly highlights the related source content in your document. This interactive artificial intelligence feature provides a fast, seamless way for users to verify information with a single click. You can copy the chat history and use the answers to craft other content like emails, social posts, or presentations. Learn more about how the chat history is stored.

Currently, AI Assistant only supports English documents. Because AI Assistant is available as an online tool, you can access the AI functionality using almost any web browser or operating system, including Mac and Windows. You can also use it in the Acrobat Chrome extension.

How does an AI summarizer work?

An AI summarizing tool pulls key points out of a document to help you get to important information fast, and the Acrobat AI PDF summarizer feature is called generative summary. With a single click, generative summary generates a comprehensive document outline with headings, section links, and section-specific key points. By paraphrasing document content into a brief summary that you can read in a fraction of the time, the Acrobat AI summary tool lets you quickly understand long research papers or lengthy PDFs.

Sign in to Acrobat to try generative summary and the AI Assistant Q&A feature. Free or paid Acrobat individual customers will receive a complimentary, limited number of requests for AI Assistant in Acrobat. Customers can subscribe to the AI Assistant for Acrobat add-on to gain full access to the Acrobat generative summary and AI Assistant Q&A features. Read these FAQs to learn more.

Can I summarize individual sections of a PDF document?
To summarize an individual section of a PDF document, upload a file to the Acrobat AI chat tool and sign in. Then ask AI Assistant to draft a summary of the specific section you need summarized. You can also ask other research questions, including questions that analyze data across tables shared in the document.
Is AI Assistant a secure tool to use to chat with PDFs?

Security is paramount to Adobe. When you upload documents using this tool, they will be deleted from our servers to respect your privacy if you don’t sign in. Security measures are also built into every PDF created with Acrobat.

In addition, Adobe has integrated the trusted Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service AI model with our proprietary technologies to provide generative AI capability in Acrobat. Adobe and its service providers do not use Adobe customer content to train the large language models (LLMs) — ours or a third party’s — that deliver Acrobat generative AI capabilities. We also do not permit third parties to manually review Adobe customer content.

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