How to redact a PDF on Windows 10.

Learn how to permanently redact sensitive text and images from PDFs on Windows 10.

Tax documents, employee files, and more — sensitive data is everywhere and it’s important to keep it secure. If you need to send or share a PDF that has confidential information inside, you can permanently remove it from view with these quick tips.

How to redact text.

You can redact words and phrases from a PDF one at a time or in bulk. Either way, you’ll need a PDF manager that’s compatible with Windows 10 to ensure each redaction is permanent. You can start with Adobe Acrobat, because it’s easy to learn.

Open the PDF and select the Redact tool. Next, choose whether you want redacted text replaced with a black box or an empty space.

Then scan the entire document and remove text as you go, or search for the text you want to remove in bulk. Once you’re finished, apply the changes and save the PDF.

How to redact images.

You can remove images from a PDF on Windows 10 just as easily as text. First, open the PDF, choose the Redact tool, and decide how you want redacted images to appear.

Right-click or highlight images and redact as you review the PDF. Or you can search for images and redact them in a single click. Remember to apply and save your changes before you share the PDF with another person — and find out more about how to safely edit PDFs.

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