How to write a two weeks’ notice letter.

Resign from your job without burning bridges. Learn how to write a professional and courteous two weeks’ notice letter.

Throughout your career and for any number of reasons, you might have to leave a professional position. But no matter the timing nor the reason, be it a move to a new company or even a new industry, you should always try to resign graciously. That includes giving your current employer an official two weeks’ notice. Read on to learn how to write a professional two weeks’ notice letter in seven steps.

Keep your letter brief.

Employers usually prefer all communication — even resignation letters — to be brief. Follow these steps to write your two weeks’ notice:

  1. Date and recipient’s address: Start with a date and the recipient’s name and company address.
  2. Greeting: Greet your manager professionally by their last name.
  3. Resignation notice: State that you intend to resign from your position and provide the date of your last workday.
  4. Reason for resigning: You can explain your reason for leaving in one or two sentences — it’s optional but it can help your employer see things from your perspective.
  5. Expression of gratitude: Thank your employer for the opportunity to work with them. Mention a couple of positive things you’ve experienced.
  6. Offer of support: State that you will continue working as usual until your last day. Offer to help your employer during the coming transition period.
  7. Signature: Finish your letter with your signature, printed name, and contact information.

Submit your resignation notice in the right way.

The most courteous way to submit your letter is to meet your employer and give them your printed two weeks’ notice in person. If that’s not possible, you can submit your resignation letter through email. But instead of including your letter within the email body, consider attaching it as a PDF file to make it more official.

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