Why is my PDF file so big?

Not sure what to do with oversized PDFs? Learn how to compress and split your large PDFs to create seamless, high-quality files.

If you’ve ever attempted to upload, file, save, or send a PDF and were shocked by its size, you’re not alone. There are a few distinct reasons that PDFs can sometimes be disproportionately large; there are also a few must-know tricks for resizing and compressing them without losing any quality.

Keep reading to learn more about PDFs and how you can maximize their efficiency without sending oversized files.

Why are my PDF files so large?

PDFs are usually noticeably large when a few specific things happen. First, PDFs can be oversized because one or more fonts have been embedded and subset inside that specific PDF file. In fact, adding a single font to a PDF document can sometimes increase the file size substantially.

Second, images can also be a culprit. The overall resolution and bit-depth of an image can directly impact the overall file size — especially if you’re using color images with high resolution.

How to resize and adjust your big PDFs.

The good news? Adjusting your PDF size is easy — there are a few different strategies to do so.

Try compressing a PDF to reduce its file size fast without compromising quality. You also could opt to split a PDF into multiple, smaller files to optimize your work.

Don’t let large PDFs stand in your way.

The size of your PDFs should never get in the way of your projects — don’t let large files trip up your creative process.

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