Common myths about e-signatures debunked.

What exactly goes into an e-signature? Learn the basics of what e-signatures are (and are not) with this helpful guide.

With the prevalence of remote work, e-signatures are an increasingly common way to sign contracts, loans, and other documents digitally. However, many people still aren’t exactly clear about the exact definition of an electronic signature. As a result, there are some common myths and misunderstandings out there.

Let’s explore and debunk the most common myths about e-signatures.

Electronic signature: the definition.

We’ll start with the basics. An e-signature – also known as electronic signature – is simply a way to express approval or consent to binding documents in a digital form. It can be used instead of a handwritten signature in practically any case.

E-signatures are not legally binding.

E-signatures are legally binding and enforceable in most industrialized nations around the world. The United States and the European Union recognize e-signatures as legal, as do many other countries all over the globe.

Of course, local laws vary, and some legislatures require certain authentication and security methods — but as long as the proper protocol is followed, e-signatures are perfectly legal.

E-signatures are the same as digital signatures.

The two aren’t the same. E-signature refers to any digital process that’s used to express approval of a document, whereas a digital signature is a specific, certificate-based and authenticated type of e-signature. In essence, all digital signatures are e-signatures, but not all e-signatures are digital signatures.

E-signatures aren’t secure.

Any trustworthy e-signature solution, like Acrobat Sign, will have strict security measures in place to protect the authenticity of your signatures. Although some digital signature software may skimp on security, using an established and well-reviewed tool will keep you and your documents safe.

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