Password protect a PDF on Windows 10.

Two business professionals add password protection to a PDF file on Windows 10.

Password protection is a great way to add security to any of your PDFs. Find out how to easily add a password to a file with Adobe Acrobat online services.

Why you should password protect a PDF on Windows 10.

There are many reasons why you might want or need to add security measures to an important PDF document. If you’re sending files with sensitive data such as client information, personally identifiable information (PII), or banking numbers, you might want to add a password. That way only the people with your password can access those files. It’s easy to do on Windows 10.

If you share a device with other people, such as family members, you will definitely want to protect sensitive data and client information. To ensure a PDF is not accidentally shared by someone else, create a password to protect this important information. Using a password-protected PDF will also help you double check what you are sending and who you are sending it to before it has been shared.

Lastly, there will be hackers as long as there is technology, and no one can ever anticipate when they will strike. So it’s better to protect and encrypt personally identifiable information before it’s too late.

Sensitive data.

Data to protect include race, ethnicity, religious or political beliefs, and other information that is considered private. This type of data should be kept extra secure.

Client information.

Client information includes things like employee names and email addresses. These should not be shared without permission.

Personally identifiable information.

Personally identifiable information is highly sensitive, and it should not be shared with anyone else. Client information could include name, address, phone number, social security number, financial information, health records and more.

How to password protect a PDF on Windows 10.

Password protection gives your PDF files a layer of extra security. Follow these easy steps to password protect a PDF in Windows 10:

  1. Navigate to the Acrobat online password protection page from any browser.
  2. Click the “Select a file” button or drag and drop a PDF into the drop zone.
  3. Create and enter a password, then retype it to confirm the password.
  4. Click “Set Password.”
  5. Download your newly protected file or sign in to Acrobat online to share it.

Password protection is not the only thing you can do with a PDF online. Check out what other features are available to you with Acrobat online services.