How to share a PDF on Windows 10.

A woman uses Windows 10 on her laptop to share a PDF.

PDFs are compatible with nearly any operating system, including Windows 10. Learn how to share a PDF without switching devices.

PDFs are widely used for contracts, reports, and many other types of information sharing. Similarly, Windows PCs are common in both the workplace and at home.

If you use the Windows 10 operating system at home, work, or school, there are a couple of ways you can share PDFs fast. Here’s a look at the easiest methods.

Send PDFs on Windows 10 in seconds.

First, you’ll need a desktop, online, or mobile PDF tool. If you want sophisticated editing and tracking, explore downloadable PDF managers for Windows 10. Tools like Adobe Acrobat make it easy to view and share PDFs from nearly any device or operating system. You can also use Acrobat online services to share PDFs from your Windows 10 device.

And if your document isn’t already a PDF, you can easily convert it online.

When you’re ready to share your PDF, open it in Acrobat and follow these instructions:

  1. Select Share With Others from the toolbar.
  2. Enter the email addresses of everyone you want to share the PDF with.
  3. Click Send.

Share PDFs from Microsoft Edge.

Sharing a PDF is just as easy from the Windows 10 PDF viewer, which is the default viewer in the Microsoft Edge browser. This can also be done using any device, whether desktop or mobile. When you’re ready to share your PDF, open the document in Edge and follow these instructions:

  1. Select Share from the “Settings and more” dropdown menu in the top-right corner.
  2. Either click Copy Link to copy the URL to your clipboard, then paste it in your desired location.
  3. Or, select your desired option under “Share with others” to share the PDF directly on social media or via email.

These simple steps let you share your PDFs using any device or browser, no matter your location. You can feel confident knowing your files are accessible, shareable, and more using the easy and adaptable PDF functionality of Windows 10 and Acrobat.

Do more with your PDFs on Windows 10.

Windows 10 and Acrobat online services offer many other PDF options in addition to file sharing. You can also use Acrobat online services to edit a PDF, type on documents, and share PDFs from your Windows 10 device. These same options are available to anyone with access to the document, so you can easily collaborate and communicate directly — even within the file.

If you want to let people comment on your PDF, make sure to click Allow Comments in the share settings.

You can also track document history for every PDF you send with Windows 10. Visit the Home tab in Acrobat, and then click Shared > Shared by You to view any shared activity in your PDFs.

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