How to type and write on PDF files on Windows 10.

Adding text to PDFs can be a challenge, but there’s an easy solution. Find out how you can type on any PDF file on Windows 10.

Imagine you’re working on your PC when you suddenly receive an urgent PDF form that you need to fill out. Unfortunately, Windows 10 doesn’t include the tools you need to write on PDFs as default. What should you do?

Don’t worry — you can quickly and easily add text to any PDF document with Adobe Acrobat online services. This tutorial teaches you how to type on a PDF on Windows 10.

Type on any PDF on Windows 10.

  1. Launch your favorite web browser and navigate to Acrobat online.
  2. Select the Edit PDF tool.
  3. Upload your file by dragging and dropping it to the editor. You can also use the Select A File button to locate your PDF manually.
  4. Select the Add Text Comment tool from the top toolbar. Click on the appropriate location on your document and type your text.
  5. Adjust the font size and color to fit your document.
  6. Once you’re finished, select the Download button on the top right to finalize and download your PDF.

Do more than just add text to PDFs.

It’s just as easy to complete many other PDF tasks using Acrobat online. You can add sticky notes and annotations to PDFs, mark up text, and even convert your PDF files to different file formats, such as image or Word files.

Take a moment to explore everything you can do with Acrobat online services today.