Should a resume be in PDF or Word?

A man uses Adobe Acrobat to send his resume as a PDF.

Should you send a resume as a PDF or Word file? This is one less thing you need to worry about on the job hunt.

It’s hard enough to pinpoint the perfect job — it’s another feat entirely to land it. That’s where creating a top-notch resume comes in. Of course, creating a great resume also leads to an age-old question — which file format should my resume be in? Keep reading to learn more about whether you should upload your resume as a PDF or a Microsoft Word document.

Which file format should my resume be in?

First, it’s essential to understand how to write a resume effectively before worrying about the file format. Once you have a well-written resume in hand, you’ll want to send it in the most professional and reliable format. Word documents may be simple to edit, but PDFs maintain their formatting across many devices and are easy to secure. In short, a PDF resume will leave the best impression on a prospective employer.

Is it easier to send a resume as a PDF or Word document?

Sending your resume as a PDF instead of a Word document will probably require you to run your resume through a converter, but this extra step is well worth it.

The formatting (things like margins, paragraph breaks, and placement of media) of a Word document is easier to manipulate, and it may change, becoming less readable, depending on where it’s opened. PDFs, on the other hand, have secure formatting. They appear on the same printable and presentable page no matter which device they’re opened on. If you send a PDF, you can know exactly what your resume will look like to recipients. PDFs also offer simple password protection and locking, which can be useful for important documents like resumes.

Should you upload your resume as a PDF or Word document?

For resume building, each of these file formats has its pros and cons. PDFs can frequently be your best choice for the following reasons:

Still wondering whether you should send a resume in PDF or Word? Ultimately, the real answer to this question depends on your prospective employer’s instructions — make sure you’re following their specific job application guidelines.

How to edit and convert a Word resume to PDF.

It’s not all that challenging to create the perfect resume — especially with the right tools. With the right setup, you can efficiently send and upload an ideal, impactful resume.

It’s pretty typical to create your resume in Word since Word documents are simple to edit, and most people are familiar with the editing software in Word. Even if you create and edit your resume in Word, you can take advantage of the PDF format when you send it.

Already have your resume saved as a Word file? Simply opt for an online tool that enables you to convert Word files to PDFs online. You can also compress PDFs to fit a particular employer’s specifications without sacrificing the quality of your resume.

Should I send a resume as a PDF and convert it from Word? Yes.

PDF tools can provide you with the cutting-edge innovation you need to craft a top-notch resume that will highlight your professional strengths and accomplishments and help get you noticed.

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