Investment partnership agreement template tips.

Find out what an investment partnership agreement is and what it should include to protect all signees.

Investment partnership agreements can be mind-bogglingly complex — especially if you’re about to enter into one for the first time. You must carefully consider how to write the agreement before you sign it. Let’s explore what an investment partnership is and what the agreement should include.

What is an investment partnership?

An investment partnership, or investor partnership, is a form of business ownership. In it, the majority of the business’ investments are in financial instruments, and most of its profits stem from these instruments. An investment partnership agreement sets up this relationship.

What to include in the agreement?

Because these partnerships can come in many different forms, there isn’t a single, universally applicable investment partnership agreement template. That said, any such agreement should clearly define:

Protect your agreement.

Once you’ve written an investment partnership agreement, it’s best to finalize it as a PDF. This way you’ll ensure no one can edit the agreement text and also make it easy to share. Adobe Acrobat lets you convert practically any file into a PDF. You can also protect PDFs with passwords, and even sign them digitally. You can complete these tasks online as well.

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