What to include in a freelance web design contract.

A man sitting at a desk creates a freelance web design contract.

Website designers are in high demand. If you are thinking of becoming a freelance web designer, be sure to create a solid contract before getting started.

Every business, large or small, needs a website, and it takes the skills of a web designer to create their essential pages and forms. Many web designers work as freelancers and provide services to several clients simultaneously. It can be a terrific way to make a living or just generate some extra income. So what’s needed to create a strong freelance web design contract template?

Why do you need a web designer contract?

As a freelance web designer, you want to ensure you are compensated for your work in a timely manner since you are not a full-time member of a company’s staff registered through an automatic payroll system.

A web design contract holds both you and the client accountable for your work and their payment for your hard work. The contract should clearly define the scope of the project to ensure the client is satisfied with the work produced and that you are not overworked and underpaid.

In your web designer contract, you should include information on the legal jurisdiction in the state you are working. This saves you from the trouble and fees that come if a client sues you. For example, if you are currently located in one state and starting to create a company in another state, you may need to travel to the state your company is located if your client sues you for any reason.

Your contract eliminates any confusion and keeps you and your client informed. Creating a freelance web design contract template can help you check off all the boxes of the necessary information for every freelance web design contract you create.

How to create a solid web design freelance contract.

Before you start work as a freelance web designer, you’ll need a service contract between you and the client. It doesn’t have to be complex, but there are some essential things to cover. The following important items should be included in most comprehensive design contracts for freelance web designers:

  1. A clear description of your client’s design parameters
  2. The number of pages you will create, plus the content
  3. Your project fees
  4. A description of any future site maintenance to be included
  5. Project payment delivery schedule
  6. A place for the client to sign digitally and agree to your terms

Additional tips for creating a freelance web designer contract.

Creating a freelance web designer contract builds trust between you and your clients by creating transparency in processes from the beginning. The following additional tips can help eliminate any potential confusion and keep all parties on the same page:

Convert a freelance web designer contract template into a PDF.

After you’ve crafted your freelance web designer contract, you can use Adobe Acrobat to convert your agreement to PDF, share it with your client, and request an electronic signature. You can also do this using Acrobat online services. And if you have global clients, it’s even more important to have a convenient, easy-to-share, yet secure method for executing your contract.

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