What to include in a yearly to-do list.

A man creates his end of year to do list using his laptop and a notebook.

A yearly to-do list is an essential part of annual planning. It is the part of the plan that turns ideas into action.

The best way to reach your annual goals is to break them down into actionable steps and put each on a yearly to-do list. Things may change during the year, but a twelve-month to-do list will help you keep everything in the proper order. A yearly to-do list can transform goals into reality. The best time to create this list is at the end of the year before the upcoming year begins.

1. Create a list of things to do in a year.

Things may change during the year, but a twelve-month to-do list will help you keep everything in the proper order. You can begin by brainstorming and capturing different ideas that cover everything from personal, professional, health, relationship, and leisure aspects of your life. It’s good to take time and reflect on the past year in order to identify any unfulfilled goals and experiences. Your list serves as the foundation for planning and setting goals while also providing an overview of what you aim to achieve in the coming year.

2. Add short-term and long-term goals to your year-end to-do list.

When making your list, it’s essential to differentiate between short-term and long-term goals. Short-term goals are usually achievable in weeks to a few months. These tend to be more urgent and time-sensitive tasks. On the other hand, long-term goals represent your big-picture aspirations. They require a much more careful selection based on your life vision and the impact you hope to make.

Striking a good balance between the two will help ensure that your yearly plan is both motivating and productive for personal and professional development. On top of all that, understanding how to make a monthly budget is crucial for achieving both short-term and long-term financial goals, making it a valuable addition to your year-end to-do list.

When creating short-term goals:

When setting long-term goals:

3. Make a yearly to-do list template.

The list of things to do in a year can be overwhelming, so keep it simple and make a template. By designing a PDF template, you won’t have to start over next year, and as you merge the PDFs from each year, you’ll create a history of your accomplishments. Each year, your template will become better and more valuable.

What goes in a yearly to-do list?

A yearly to-do list is ideal for your big-picture plan — setting broad, long-term goals for the entire year. It helps you gain clarity in your life direction. In contrast, monthly lists provide more detailed planning for immediate tasks and short-term goals, while daily lists focus on specific tasks to be completed in a single day, enhancing daily productivity and organization.

The benefits of an end-of-year to-do list.

A yearly to-do list template can be a very useful tool. A template allows you to set clear objectives in each area you need or want covered and helps in effective long-term planning and prioritization. By creating and filling out the template with your specific goals and targets for the year, you create a roadmap that guides your actions and decisions, helping you track and work toward achieving your desired outcomes throughout the year.

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