Tips for working remotely from a boat.

Work from anywhere with these top remote work tips.

Technology has changed the meaning of the word “office.” With laptops, Wi-Fi, and workplace communication apps, you can get work done pretty much anywhere. So why not set sail? Learn more about how to perfect your remote work setup so that you can take that boat trip with no stress.

Set sail with remote working tips.

Learn how to set up your remote workspace so that you can work from a boat with ease.

  1. Make your Wi-Fi as mobile as you are. Chances are, your colleagues will want to be able to contact you while you’re working from the boat. Make sure you can access your email, work chat, and other important online resources over Wi-Fi by purchasing a wireless mobile hotspot device. This should secure your connection no matter where you are.
  2. Navigate time zones. You might be crossing between time zones while working from the boat. Familiarize yourself with them and sync your travel schedule accordingly so you can be sure to be available for the meetings on your calendar.
  3. Make space. Space can be in short supply on deck. The more you can digitize your paper files, the less clutter to worry about. Try converting any printed reference materials to PDFs ahead of time so you can store them on your work computer and access them anywhere.

Secure your work materials.

Learn more about how you can use Adobe Acrobat to create and work in PDFs, so you can work anytime, anywhere, from editing PDF documents to converting them to and from various file types.