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2019 Digital Trends:

Data is the key to creating great customer experiences.

In this year’s survey, data-driven marketing that focuses on the individual is seen as the single most exciting opportunity in 2019 for larger organisations. At the same time, creatives are combining high-quality content with excellence in data to deliver standout, data-fuelled customer journeys that grab the attention of consumers.
To find out more about the most significant digital-related trends, what’s keeping your peers awake at night and how companies are addressing the challenges, read the Econsultancy 2019 Digital Trends report.
Key points from the report:
  • Digital-first companies are 64% more likely to have significantly exceeded their top 2018 business goals
  • Data is seen as a game-changing asset – its use, control and ownership is a dominant theme
  • There’s a buzz around cutting-edge technology: 36% of larger organisations are now using AI, particularly to enhance data analysis – 50% more than last year
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