Create spectacular photos and graphics with the best photo editing software.

Capture attention with beautiful, high-impact visuals. Adjust clarity, colour and tone and create image manipulation effects or perfect your graphic design work. Take your pictures to the next level with the most powerful set of image editing software for web, desktop and mobile. Whether you’re a novice or pro photographer, designer or artist, you’ll find tools and settings for any visual project.

Photo Editing Software, Photo Editor for Mac, PC & Mobile

Enhance, organize, and share your photos — anywhere.

Work on desktop, mobile, or web. Fix exposure, contrast, color, tone. Apply filters. Make your photos stand out with professional post-processing and enhancement.

Add your photos

Add your photos
Use the desktop, mobile, or web app to drag and drop images and folders. Lightroom quickly sorts and arranges your camera roll photos — compressed or raw — according to your preferences.
Adjust settings

Adjust settings
Use dozens of tools to enhance your photos, from simple brightness and contrast settings to preset filters and color casts.
Fix and apply effects

Fix and apply effects
Crop or edit your photos to remove unwanted objects or image defects. Sharpen, blur, or brighten sections to direct focus.
Export and share

Export and share
Save your photos and export them in sizes suitable for web, prints, or artwork. Or publish directly to your favorite social media platform.

Powerful timesaving features.

Automatic tagging
Automatic tagging
Powerful algorithms sort and tag your photos to make searching easier. Save time and quickly find the pictures you want.

Cloud storage
Cloud storage
Lightroom offers plenty of cloud storage, so your photos are immediately backed up to the cloud and synced across your Adobe Creative Cloud apps.

Worry-free experimentation
Worry-free experimentation
Your adjustments and effects are nondestructive, which means Lightroom never changes your original photos. You can always go back or make multiple versions of the same image.


If you can dream it, you can make it.

Create any image or design you can imagine with comprehensive photo editing software tools.

  • Create and edit images and 3D designs.

    Adobe Photoshop

    World-class tools that allow professional and amateur artists, designers, and photographers to create art, graphics, photos, and 3D designs.
  • Adobe Photoshop CC
Add assets

Add assets
Easily import the photos, illustrations, and designs you want to use in your workflow.
Create layers

Create layers
Arrange the elements of your composition. Mask, isolate, resize, and adjust color and contrast to fit your vision.
Add effects

Add effects
Fine-tune your composition with effects and presets. Experiment and adjust to make it perfect.
Save or use Dynamic Link

Save or use Dynamic Link
Save your finished work in any format you choose. Or if you used Adobe Dynamic Link from another Creative Cloud app, jump back and continue your project with your new Photoshop design.

Create something extraordinary.

Curvature Pen tool
Curvature Pen tool
Draw with precision. Push and pull segments until they’re perfect, or use Bezier controls.

360 panoramas
360 panoramas
Edit 360-degree panoramas and export to third-party viewers. Pan and zoom inside your spherical workspace to make fine adjustments.

Automatic selecting and masking
Automatic selecting and masking
Save time and effort with improved algorithms that make selecting and masking more accurate — and it’s easier than ever to isolate elements on similarly colored backgrounds.

Free photo editing applications for your mobile devices.

Work where inspiration strikes. Creative Cloud image apps are tightly integrated, so you can move back and forth seamlessly between desktop and mobile.

Amazing photo editing tools at your fingertips.

Adobe Photoshop Express

A full set of image editing tools in the palm of your hand. Adobe Photoshop Express brings the most important features for image enhancement and collages right to your phone or tablet. Crop, straighten, remove red eye, add text, reduce color noise, add borders, and more.

High-powered compositing tools in a small package.

Adobe Photoshop Mix

Get the image manipulation power of the Photoshop desktop app on your handheld device with Photoshop Mix. Intuitive touch controls and gestures make designing faster and more responsive. And Creative Cloud integration means that all your work is immediately available for use in your other apps.

Image retouching with a swipe.

Adobe Photoshop Fix

Thanks to its innovative design, Photoshop Fix lets you perform almost any image correction on your mobile device. Adjust color and clarity, remove objects, and even deblur, all right on your phone or tablet.

Compare photo editing features.

Image editing software for every situation. See which apps will work best for you.
Photoshop Express
Photoshop Mix
Photoshop Fix
Crop, rotate, and straighten images
Organize images        
Tag and rate      
Process raw files    
Convert to black and white  
Retouch photos    
Combine images      
Isolate objects      
Remove objects      
Make panoramas      
Work on desktop      
Work on iPad  
Work on mobile    
Work on web      

The possibilities are limitless with Creative Cloud image apps.

If you can visualize it, you can make it. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, it's easy to learn new techniques with our easy-to-follow tutorials.
Edit photos on Lightroom for mobile.
Wherever you are, you can adjust color and tone, crop and rotate, and apply filters. Learn how to enhance your photos on the spot.
Easily retouch photos.
Get simple tools for editing and retouching. Discover the power of Content-Aware Fill for correcting flaws and improving your pictures.
Add motion with creative blur effects
It may be a still, but that doesn’t mean it has to be static. Increase energy and drama by adding blur.

Photo editing software for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.

Creative Cloud offers Lightroom, Photoshop, and connected mobile apps so you can work across desktop and mobile and keep your projects up to date. We have plans designed for everyone, from photographers to businesses, plus special rates for students and educators.

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Adobe Stock
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