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RoboHelp Reviews
John Daigle
"We’re looking forward to making use of the new frameless HTML skins provided with Adobe RoboHelp and examining how we can incorporate the Micro Content authoring to improve the help for our own customers."
—Alexandra Duffy, Technical Publications Manager, Vectorworks Inc.
Beth Gerber
“With Adobe RoboHelp, native online help creation for the Mac not only fills an important need, but also reinforces Adobe’s strong commitment to the Mac platform and its users.”
—Eric Butow, Owner, Butow Communications Group
Toni Byrd-Ressaire
“As consumer demand for improvements to help systems continue as technology rapidly progresses, Adobe is leveraging the power of RoboHelp to keep pace. The new release provides for stunning PDF and frameless outputs and the ability to integrate with popular applications such as Salesforce, Zendesk and ServiceNow. The introduction of microcontent and chatbots will secure this product as an all in one solution.”
—Beth Gerber, President, Lightext, Inc.
Rajdeep Gupta
“Adobe continues to build on innovation and new technology with Adobe RoboHelp. The big news in this release is the ability to author with Mac computers and translate projects into other languages. The focus is on publication and introduces microcontent and chatbots as a new output types.”
—Beth Gerber, President, Lightext, Inc.
Eric Butow
“With the refined Adobe RoboHelp interface, users spend less time looking for tools and more time building projects.”
—Eric Butow, Owner, Butow Communications Group
Tony Self
“I’ve been an Adobe Certified Instructor for RoboHelp and professional RoboHelp user for years, and always running it on a virtual machine on my Macintosh. I’m so excited that now I can run it natively on my Mac, and that the look and feel is exactly what I’m used to from the Windows version.”
—Matt Sullivan, Adobe Certified Instructor for FrameMaker, RoboHelp, and Captivate, founder of Tech Comm Tools
Willam van Weelden
“There are so many new and updated features in this new version of Adobe RoboHelp. Translation can link to machine translations or create an XLIFF file to make it easier to work with an agency. Salesforce, ServiceNow, and Zendesk outputs are now supported. The team must have been burning the midnight oil!”
—Peter Grainge, www.grainge.org
Shelley Bates
“Adobe RoboHelp continues to improve the authoring experience and includes an upgraded collaborative review feature.”
—Beth Gerber, President, Lightext, Inc.
Lin Laurie
“Adobe RoboHelp brings us even more modern online help authoring tools. For example, Micro Content, which is not only AI-ready for chatbot interfaces, better serves online help users who search for specific pieces of data.”
—Eric Butow, Owner, Butow Communications Group

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