Customer Stories


Cohelion benefits from Adobe ColdFusion's fast and simple development, allowing them to focus on new features for enterprise clients in the Cohelion Data Platform.


By enabling rapid application development and customization, Adobe ColdFusion empowers Gensuite to meet subscribers' requirements and offer unique configurations. 


Global Reach has used Adobe ColdFusion since 2000, benefiting from efficient development and maintenance. Their innovation expanded their product and services portfolio, building secure and scalable IT systems.


Market America relies on Adobe ColdFusion for web app development, innovating retail with multiple brands across verticals such as health, beauty, finance, and auto care, for two decades.

prisma it

Prisma IT leverages Adobe ColdFusion to develop an affordable, fully integrated enterprise platform that facilitates strategic multi-channel communications.

signup genius

SignUpGenius leverages Adobe ColdFusion and a small development team to build high-volume, low-latency applications quickly and reliably. They create easy-to-use products that simplify users' busy schedules.


SMBXL benefits from Adobe ColdFusion's complete suite of tools, including built-in components, APIs, and security features. They rely on ColdFusion to develop back-office functionalities.


Vortex Solutions relies on Adobe ColdFusion's stability and support to overcome changing web technologies, empowering real estate brokers at Sutton Quebec to update online listings.


The software developer rapidly updates scalable project management solutions that keep customers on track.


The service management company relies on Adobe ColdFusion to build a world-class, cloud-based help desk and customer service platform.


Global software services firm uses Adobe ColdFusion to maximize performance of auto racing sites hosted in a scalable Amazon Cloud infrastructure.


Enterprise resource planning tools built and deployed with Adobe ColdFusion put information and people to work to improve revenue.